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Defending Obama…with his list of accomplishments (?)..update:

September 19, 2008

Obama hired James Johnson former CEO of “Fannie Mae” head of VP search committee.
TRUST Obama with our Country? NO WAY!

Obama cannot provide a list of accomplishments because there are NONE!

Therefore, WE “real” democrats (PUMAS) are unable to defend the Democratic nominee from truthful criticism coming from Republicans. Oh, NO!

How does the Obama campaign respond to such an anomaly?

We’ll inspire the unindoctrinated to “BELIEVE”!

  • “Believe” Obama will wave a magic wand and you’ll be getting your foreclosed house back.
  • “Believe” he will Wave the wand again, and Obama will magically restore the losses in your 401k retirement fund.
  • “Believe” Obama will dribble that “Hope” and “Change” ball again and WOW… your Boss just called and you have your job back again.

Meanwhile, while you’re busy “Believing” Obama can do all this like he says: “Yes, We Can”.. Here is what Obama and David Axelrod have in store for you if Truth and Reason have meaning for you and you become an obstacle to Obama attaining the presidency.

Telephonic Terror

After All..the Past is the Best predictor of the Future, RIGHT?:

Barack Hussein Obama complains that US Trrops watch too much FOX News

Barack Hussein Obama proposes the creation of a huge internal, civilian defense force to meet his policy needs

Barack Hussein Obama himself indicates in 2004 he will not run for President in 2008 because he lacks experience

Barack Hussein Obama’s campaign admits he does not have the experience to lead as President

Barack Hussein Obama’s hypocritical actions as an agent for change

Barack Hussein Obama’s own words flip-flop on his Pastor’s controversial Statements

Barack Hussein Obama – Don’t tell me words don’t Matter

Barack Hussein Obama’s vision for the U.S. Military…in his own words

Barack Hussein Obama’s negotiating strategy revelaed in his handling of NAFTA and Canada

Barack Hussein Obama – FOX Report on William Ayers Association

Barack Hussein Obama questioned in a debate on association with William Ayers

Barack Hussien Obama’s own words about whites

And why we PUMAS say:


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