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Rupert Murdoch for McCain..nobama

September 20, 2008

In as many days the third high finance Guru, Rupert Murdoch joins Donald Trump and Lady Lynne DeRothschild in choosing McCain for running the country over Obama. Murdoch speaks candidly in his interview with Cavuto. He is very worried, fearing Obama’s policies are naive and old fashioned proposing ideas relative to the 60s.

Perhaps Obama’s policies reflect his 80 yr old Chief Foreign Policy adviser Brzezinski’s ideas repeat reliving the Cold War years all over again with Russia. Or Murdock may be alluding to Obama’s policy ensuring an Obama presidency would focus on Anti-Globalism, the US wresting the World from Poverty, specifically the millions Obama had early on in 05′ earmarked for Africa.

Obama seems to be in a fog and non committal when faced with questions on how to go about curing the basic ills of domestic policies. “Present” seems to be the only answer he can manage, rather than offering up viable solutions for further discussion. Which leads me to believe if he hasn’t given the economy much thought, it’s because he doesn’t plan on doing anything about it.


Hillary’s summary lays out the problems and her warnings of decisive action needing to be taken by the Bush Administration months ago. No one listened and when they did, they did so in a half hearted way repeating the economy is moving along much the same way the Obama Campaign was promoting until it blew up this week.

Bill Clinton Praises Hillary’s Plan

  1. September 21, 2008 2:43 pm

    Wow! This is a turnaround! (Murdock)
    Funny because yesterday I was catching up with his statements to vanity Fair – because of Faux surprising nastiness to McCain
    Not sure what to think now – I think Rupert speaks with both sides of his mouth now – remains to be seen how he’ll act

  2. ellurian permalink
    September 21, 2008 3:25 pm

    [i][…]…] Murdoch is trying to be in the grace of both campaigns or he changed his tune – I feel I need to link this recent statement of his on behalf of McCain – or rather against Obama. Not sure what to make of it, but I’ll be […][/i]

    No, he’s picking a side now. He’s picked McCain. Others will follow. He knows he has to be on the side of the winner long enough to be validated and not set himself up for future problems with who eventually prevails.

    After the Global powers that be in the UK and elsewhere had verified Obama has his own agenda besides what he has promised them; he’s too much of a rouge to risk all on just “his” word. Obama cannot be trusted to deliver.

    These after all are Bankers, not neophytes buying into the clap-trap of hope!


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