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Obama opens sealed Presidential Papers! Digging for dirt on the Clintons!

January 23, 2009

President Barack Obama issued an Executive Order on Wednesday that essentially revoked Executive Order 13233

the order given by former President George W. Bush in November 2001.


“Executive Order 13233 is particularly notable as it essentially made the incumbent president the just about nearly the only decision maker on access to records of former presidents, whereas in the order it replaced, 12667, it was more of a team effort involving the Attorney General, as well as the Counsel to the President, and other agencies. It also extended Executive privilege claims and review of former records by the incumbent president to former Vice Presidents.” more

One can see why this would be a problem. I’m sure Bill Clinton will be sleeping well this weekend wondering what Obama’s staff will be looking for to turn into an embarrassment or worse a scandal that would further provide fodder for persecution of the Clintons. NEVER TRUST OBAMA

This makes sense. The populous needs red meat on a daily basis for survival. While Obama is furthering his agenda and continuing on track with Bush policies. Obama needs to provide a ready supply of food for his disenchanted minions keeping them off his back after the Inauguration fiasco where they 10’s of thousands were herded into a tunnel for safe keeping. (unable to see or hear anything) Meanwhile thousands stood shivering at the gate manned by security guards barred from entrance into the Super Sewer accommodations provided by Obama’s Purple Ticket brigade.

You can read about it here: WORST INAUGURATION IN US HISTORY

I’m curious if Obama has put a BOUNTY on any information the Rove Rat Patrol or the Obama Dirt Diggers can dig up that can be used against Bill or Hillary?

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  1. January 23, 2009 1:40 pm

    Here we go.. Madame Secretary is not a Hillary friendly site. They’re already making a big stink about donors!

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