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Riddle Me This:

January 23, 2009

How in God’s name are the Right Wingers able to get all this information off of Hillary’s daily calender and publicize it for the World to SEE?

from the new Right Wing site….”Madame Secretary”:

Isn’t this an issue of National Security?

Read it here:


What’s Hillary been up to since taking the reins at Foggy Bottom? Plus, a little State Department gossip:

* It wasn’t just our imagination that had us thinking Hillary Clinton’s reception by State Department employees yesterday was more exuberant than any of their interactions with Condoleezza Rice. It turns out that some State Department staff refer to Clinton as Glinda… and Condi as the Wicked Witch of the West.

For eight war torn years NO ONE saw or heard from Condelezza Rice. For all we know she was playing the piano or playing with Bushie in her spare time!

* New York Governor David Paterson announced that he’s appointing upstate New York Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand to Hillary Clinton’s seat this afternoon. Paterson announced that Clinton had called him to pass along her congratulations to Gillibrand.

Please, like this was rocket science! What an accomplishment. Give yourself a raise!

* Hillary got straight to work, conducting one of her first official phone calls with Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi today. The placement of this particular phone call on her agenda is likely a sign of things to come, as the State Department (and likely the U.S. Trade Representative) seek to wrest some control of China policy back from the Treasury Department. For Hillary’s sake, it’s probably a good thing that Tim Geithner’s going to have his hands full with the domestic economy for a while.

If I were Hillary I’d be after these ‘hot shot’ sidewalk foreign policy advisers with pitchforks and a cattle prod. C’mon Hillary. SHUT THESE CACKLING CROWS DOWN- FOR GOOD!


* Clinton also had a conversation with Indian external affairs minister Pranab Mukherjee today in which she reportedly told him that she wants “to take the relationship between India and the USA to a new level.” That’s probably not exactly what Pakistan would like to see happen, but they did get an envoy, after all.

Here we go again! These idjits are not party to the conversation but think nothing of speculating advise!

* Israel’s Tzipi Livni beat both Makherjee and Jiechi, however, making the top of Clinton’s to-do list yesterday. They reportedly discussed Iran’s nuclear ambitions before turning to the more sensitive subject of Gaza.

Unbelievable.. The World is in a state of chaos and these vampires dare to presume they are qualified to discuss foreign policy off the cuff! I am furious, any and all leaks are quantified to be accurate and representing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s views. These Jackals need to be SHUT DOWN! Just do it, Madame Secretary!

The previous post before this one on this blog completely represents the Obama Presidency. Chaotic and upside down. CAN anyone believe the “CHANGE” Obama preached non-stop about is for the “BETTER” ?



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