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Has Robert Reich been assigned Donna Brazile’s Point man?

January 25, 2009

An interesting development… but not surprising. We’ve been waiting for you Donna.

The annual CBC Meeting held in Sept 2007 was another installment of their annual meeting highlighting and planning their initiatives for the next two years. A poster who went by the name of Merrylegs (ML) was covering the indictment of Tony Rezko and the forthcoming Rezko Trial. Everyone was concerned the name of Barack H. Obama would come up during the Rezko indictment hearing because a land deal between Obama and Rezko was fraught with ethical issues perhaps leading to criminal implications of bribery of a US Senator. Had the implication of criminal activity between Rezko and Obama gotten legs it would have forced the derailment of Obama’s presidential campaign. In other words at the time, everyone was waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Being a compadre in the curiosity department, I felt whatever the CBC was cooking up sounded like some sort of a conspiracy and agreed with ML this is a development worth watching in the future should Obama be elected the next president. I copied the following snip to my Rezko filea and tucked it away for safe keeping.

The gist of the statement discussed by The Congressional Black Caucus CBC meeting held September 29, 2007 below where Donna Brazile, Charles Rangel and Arthur Davis were in attendance speaking to CBC members as documented by ML (along with my notations at a time when no one really understood what was happening. We were virtually in the dark.)

*my notes*:…“But it is True. As I said before, Obama’s plan if elected president, is to build a “Nation within a Nation” exclusively for AAs here using the power and clout of the US on a Global scale.

Here is how Donna Brazile in concert with the DNC have accomplished their agenda so far playing the race card..”

Donna Brazile is saying: the African American community will outraged if Hillary wins the nomination!

A brief transcript from ML as recounted on 09/27/07

“This is about the Congressional Black Caucus. Back on September 29, 2007, It was a CBC sponsored round table on CSPAN in which Donna Brazile, Arthur Davis and about three others were in a panel discussion. We didn’t get to see the whole thing but saw and heard enough. Unfortunately there is neither a video (even though it was obviously on tape) or transcript from the event. It was the same weekend event to which Hillary was an invited speaker but which caused an uproar because Obama supporters in the CBC objected.

Davis’s speech at the weekend event was pretty much the same one he had delivered at other annual events about the “glass ceiling” (see the problem coming here?)” (IOW…Davis’ speech was about breaking the Glass Ceiling speech The Black Glass Ceiling)

ML continues:

“The particular round table was about the future of African Americans in politics.

Not to stretch the details in the discussion beyond memory, the gist was this — everybody just couldn’t wait, including Donna and Artur, for Barack Obama to be president so that FINALLY AAs would be able to enact all the plans waiting so long for “THE ONE” to lead.

It was a chilling undercurrent coming from Brazile and if you can’t see the implication coming from Brazile on an Obama presidency, then take a step back and think a minute..

CBC’s BrainTrust’s Mission: Strangely enough, it’s not about a “better” Life for AAs.. it’s about the US subsidizing Africa under it’s full control until the resources of Africa can subsidize AAs doing “Global” business exclusively for and by the AA Community.”

No other race will be eligible to participate. This venture is strictly to catapult AA s into the Global economy.”

OK… If you have been able follow what is written above and read what Lou Dobbs had to say in this short VIDEO excerpt below about Robert Reiches’ stunning announcement as to the disposition of the promised Stimulus package; then it is left up to you to connect the dots . If not, You can click on the Youtube below that will connect them for you.

Dobbs Bashes Reich’s Racism: ‘What In The World Is He Thinking?’

January 24, 2009

“While most mainstream media outlets continue to ignore racist statements made by Obama economic adviser Robert Reich two weeks ago, CNN’s Lou Dobbs not only played them for his viewers Friday, but also pointed out the absurdity of the comments as well as the shameful way the press boycotted them.

Despite Reich’s January 7 remarks about stimulus spending and “white male construction workers” having been revealed Thursday morning by a number of conservative websites including NewsBusters, Dobbs was one of the few “journalists” who seemed offended enough about what was said to shed some light on the subject.”
Lou Dobbs Video

Youtube of Reiches statement with overlays pointing out discriminatory facts!

We will continue to follow this story as it continues to unfold-

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  1. January 25, 2009 8:41 am

    Notice how Rangel is not sure how to broach the subject without revealing (profuse blinking) the true nature of his mission. After watching the Rangel-Reich video: Remember the AA woman who shouted after Obama won the nomination, “Obama’s gonna pay my mortgage and pay my car payment”?

    The deception, fraud and divisiveness by Obama and his minions haven’t left us now that he is president. All it has done is open the floodgates for Obama to execute the plans devised by the CBC years ago.

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