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George Soros’ prescription for happiness… part I

January 29, 2009

Leading the masses to a New World Order and a Global Economy is a dirty job; but somebody’s got to do it! George Soros raises his hand.

George Soros, the man behind the curtain (and Obama) will have his way come Hell or high-water. The UK and the US are inextricably tied together having similar problems in banking, real estate devaluations and joblessness that one would think in mirrored symmetry, the two countries are basically one.

Question- So, what is it that George Soros is really after?

He’s after a Banking system that basically can be controlled and manipulated by the hand of God, who in this case, Mr Soros is the self-appointed Caesar Milan of Finance. “The Money Whisperer”.

Finance/Money is what makes the World go round and Mr Soros has done his due diligence over the years ensuring he is the grand manipulator of all things from the Oil Industry, the price of Gold, Hedge Funds, Stocks, leveraging and trading successfully every financial instrument known to the financial industry.

Like Caesar Milan, Mr Soros rehabilitates economies and trains people. Caesar Milan can walk 8 to 20 dogs of all sizes, shapes and temperaments while roller skating balancing restraint from the palm of his hand. Exchange the visualization of harmony in canine control and direction with Global Financial compliance within countries, the IMF and Global Banks as their titular head driving and steering a controlled economy.

Mr Soros holding countries by their leashes with both hands and there you have the end game as orchestrated over the years by Mr Soros. Brilliant!

The difference between them is Caesar Milan was born with the name “Caesar”, an inference of power and superiority, Mr Soros with the abysmal connotation attached to the name “George”. Nevertheless, some things happen beyond our control, Mr Soros could change the negative association of the 43rd President to one of the Ist. President, the Father of our Country. Mr Soros has the power to do it but perhaps has never given a thought to the people who have been hurt by his Grand Scheme restructuring the way business (in his mind) should be done in the 21st Century.

Mr Soros has a plan. If you haven’t noticed coincidentally a tracing followed by President Obama. I will reference a short excerpt from yesterday’s update by Mr Soros detailing the past, present and future of our economy. You will need to read the article in it’s entirety for a full understanding of how our economic future is going to come about.

For now, here is a forecast by Mr Soros of how the economy will be “rehabilitated”-:

“The bursting of bubbles causes credit contraction, the forced liquidation of assets, deflation and wealth destruction that may reach catastrophic proportions. In a deflationary environment, the weight of accumulated debt can sink the banking system and push the economy into depression. That is what needs to be prevented at all costs.

It can be done – by creating money to offset the contraction of credit, recapitalising the banking system and writing off or down the accumulated debt in an orderly manner. They require radical and unorthodox policy measures. For best results, the three processes should be combined.

If these measures were successful and credit started to expand, deflationary pressures would be replaced by the spectre of inflation and the authorities would have to drain the excess money supply from the economy almost as fast as they had pumped it in. There is no way to escape from a far-from-equilibrium situation – global deflation and depression – except by first inducing its opposite and then reducing it.

To prevent the US economy from sliding into a depression, Mr Obama must implement a radical and comprehensive set of policies. Alongside the well-advanced fiscal stimulus package, these should include a system-wide and compulsory recapitalization of the banking system and a thorough overhaul of the mortgage system – reducing the cost of mortgages and foreclosures.”


“Finally, the international financial system must be reformed. Far from providing a level playing field, the current system favours the countries in control of the international financial institutions, notably the US, to the detriment of nations at the periphery. The periphery countries have been subject to the market discipline dictated by the Washington consensus but the US was exempt from it.

How unfair the system is has been revealed by a crisis that originated in the US yet is doing more damage to the periphery. Assistance is needed to protect the financial systems of periphery countries, including trade finance, something that will require large contingency funds available at little notice for brief periods of time. Periphery governments will also need long-term financing to enable them to engage in counter-cyclical fiscal policies.

In addition, banking regulations need to be internationally co-ordinated. Market regulations should be global as well. National governments also need to co-ordinate their macroeconomic policies in order to avoid wide currency swings and other disruption.

This is a condensed, almost shorthand account of what needs to be done to turn the global economy around. It should give a sense of how difficult a task it is.”

[:snip:] My input:

Ah, yes- playing the “Martyr” card… “It should give a sense of how difficult a task it is.”

Not difficult for the “Money Whisperer”… (just remember, the phrase “Money Whisperer” was coined right here at the thought provoking, “Pumas Unleashed”.)

My short essay today is also a condensed version of my view of Mr Soros. There is much more to think about. My belief is Mr Soros, as crusty and cold blooded as he is must have a heart beating in there somewhere. Who knows, I may come across a stethoscope strong enough to find it.

  1. January 29, 2009 12:49 pm

    Just a reminder to Mr Soros, in case he’s reading here, which he very well might be. (as I’ve seen the trackbacks on my site.)

    Money isn’t everything. You might want to think in terms of perpetuity… hint-hint!

  2. January 30, 2009 9:09 pm

    Because Soros has begun to realize his dream, he’s become a mental paralytic stymied unable to evolve into someone worthy of “nobiles obliques “!

  3. alessandromachi permalink
    January 31, 2009 4:58 am

    I don’t think they understand that what it is going to take to really help the consumer is to make the consumer’s earnings stretch as far as possible.

    To stretch the consumer’s income as far as possible, the waiving of all credit card interest payments is essential.

    The banks will still have money coming in from the consumer as they pay down their credit card debts.

    Additionally, as consumers pay down their debts they will be able to pay cash for small item purchases and even begin saving some money, which, once again, goes to the banks.

    The banks lust for bailout money while remaining condescending towards the return of money from the consumer is the sign of a system poisoned by Soros.

    (sorry for the triple post but my first one had a few grammatical errors in it, and somehow I then left out an it in the one right above, please feel free to delete a few of them.)

  4. January 31, 2009 1:23 pm

    “I don’t think they understand that what it is going to take to really help the consumer to make the consumer’s earnings stretch as far as possible.”

    I think they do. It’s the primary reason for thousands of job losses every week without hope of re-employment.

    “To stretch the consumer’s income as far as possible, the waiving of all credit card interest payments is essential.”

    Agreed! Exactly why Congress delayed lowering the ceiling on credit card interest rates till 2010.

    “Additionally, as consumers pay down their debts they will be able to pay cash for small item purchases and even begin saving some money, which, once again, goes to the banks.”

    Agreed! Their Credit Scores will improve and the cycle will begin all over again.

    The Banks make money on DEBT not Deposits.

    “The banks lust for bailout money while remaining condescending towards the return of money from the consumer is the sign of a system poisoned by Soros.”

    The banks lust for money revolves around centralizing buying up Bad Mortgage debt from like banks.

    Bank of America continues buying up bad mortgages from Citi, Wells Fargo, Ctywd. Chase is buying up debt from Wamu. The Banks are spending bail-out money buying up Bad Debt because debt makes money. The trick for the banks is remaining solvent. This is a delicate balancing act for them weighing between solvency and insolvency. The primary reason for the sudden slowdown in foreclosures. They need time to reassess their debt backlog.

    If there were ever a run on the Banks where people cashed out their IRAs, 401Ks (whats left of them) cashed out their Savings and Bonds. The Spinning Top in Soros’s hands would begin to wobble, teetering on collapse.

    Indeed the reason why, the Fed announced Savings accounts would be insured by the FDIC to $250,000. An attractive perc for some people.

    Soros’s poison has yet to come.

  5. January 31, 2009 5:35 pm

    msnbc has a similar explanation, although not as detailed as the above.

    The Republicans have suggested a fix. A blanket 4% fixed rate across the board, providing the consumer has good credit. The problem is… The Credit Bureau is severely punishing homeowners for late payments or delinquencies.

    Their criteria should be changed, allowing a Re-Fi for the 4% fixed, wiping out 2nd mtgs or any amount that puts the property owner underwater.

    The main criteria for homeownership should be focused on employment. If the homeowner is employed, the mortgage should be adjusted accordingly until an affordable number is reached using the 4% Fixed Rate computing the mo/pmt.


    Toxic assets

    Geithner met with the administration’s top officials and advisers in recent days, trying to finish a plan to overhaul the $700 billion bailout program that is already half gone. Geithner previously said the administration is weighing the possibility of using a government-run “bad bank” to buy up toxic assets that are weighing on the books of financial institutions, but some officials now say that option is gone because of potential costs.


    Republicans, who opposed the president’s stimulus package of over $800 billion largely because of its spending priorities, suggested mortgage help as well, proposing government-backed 4 percent fixed-rate mortgages for “any credit-worthy borrower,” Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell said.
    “The availability of these low-interest loans would increase demand for houses significantly and low-interest mortgages would boost household income,” McConnell said in a separate radio address.


  1. George Soros’ prescription for happiness… part I
  2. George Soros’ prescription for happiness… part I

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