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Where’s the Transparency? Asks Helen Thomas and Chip Reid

July 1, 2009

Thanks Helen and Chip Reid for asking:

“Where’s the Transparency in an Open Forum?”

Robert “declasse” Gibbs performance in front of a Town Hall Meeting is reminiscent of a Circus Side Show… Where the operative running the shell game hides a pea under the hull of a walnut, his hands moving magically swerving back and forth around and around at the speed of light barking, put your bets down find the pea..!

aka- see if you can catch me giving a straight answer.

Just more lies following up promoting Obama’s Campaign rhetoric heaped with braggadocio of Transparency and Open Government.

Obama said anything you wanted to hear to get elected!

Why aren’t his supporters holding him accountable and taking him to task over his broken promises of fixing what’s wrong with the government in Washington? They’ve all disappeared into the woodwork because they were WRONG and now they are too ashamed to admit it; that’s why!

Didn’t Obama say he wouldn’t raise taxes on people making UNDER $250,000 yr ?

Yeah, I thought so too. You bet on a straight answer… …well here it is!

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