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November 10, 2009

Editor’s Note:

This chapter discusses how Soros failed to take the White House in 2004, set his sights on 2008, introduced the Dean Plan, selected Obama, created the shadow party, took over the Democratic Party, prevailed in the election and installed his man in the White House. Hillary was a better candidate than Obama. Her character strength and knowledge of the issues was vastly superior. But Soros supported Obama, the Dean Plan was effective, Mark Penn was a disaster and mainstream media was corrupt (infra). Those factors proved determinative. As for Hillary, the proof of how good she was came too late. The exit polls showed that if she had been the candidate then the margin of victory over McCain would have been 11% as opposed to 7%. Also, it is now acknowledged that she won 24 of the 26 debates, contrary to what mainstream media and their polls told us when it counted.


Step 1: Corrupt the Campaign Law: The McCain-Feingold Act was passed in 2002. The intent of that law was to limit the power of big money in elections. To that end, it prohibited soft money donations the political parties. Soros and others spent $140 million to create an exception to that rule which put big money in an even stronger position than it was in before. The exception allowed big money donors to pour unlimited amounts of money into political process through 527 issue advocacy groups and thereby influence the outcome of elections. Under Section 527 of the Internal Revenue Code, a political organization can get tax exempt status and spend unlimited money if it champions causes rather than specific candidates. Thus, the 527 organization could not promote a pro-Obama theme. However, it could buy television time to demonize his opponent.

Soros used Move-on.Org for precisely that purpose. That 527 group launched withering attacks against Bush for the Iraq War. Furthermore, when General Petraeus proposed the surge they labeled him “General-Betray-Us”. But when Obama continued the surge and other Bush policies they had previously opposed with rancor their voices fell strangely silent. That is hardly surprising. They are the “Soros Gestapo”, Obama is a Soros man, and therefore they will never attack him– regardless of what he does. (See: Will Soros Money Undermine Election Results?)

Step 2: Create the Shadow Party: in 2003, Soros inter alia created a nation-wide network of think tanks, activist groups and unions which are part of the radical left wing base of the Democratic Party. Conservative thinker and former anti-war radical David Horowitz (Radical Son) called this network “The Shadow Party”. This network of organizations masqueraded as mainstream Democrats, when in fact they were not. As Soros himself conceded: “the Democratic Party does not stand for the principles that I advocate; if it did it could not be elected.”

Step 3: Line Up Billionaires: in the summer of 2002 Soros summoned a team of political strategists, activists and Democrat donors to his Southampton beach house in Long Island. At the meeting, Soros laid out his plan to take over the White House. A liberal activist group Americans Coming Together (ACT) proposed to mobilize voters in 17 battleground states. Soros told them he would give ACT $10 million. Before coffee the next morning, his friend Peter Lewis, chairman of the Progressive Corp., had pledged $10 million to ACT. Rob Glaser, CEO of Real Networks, promised $2 million. Rob McKay, President of the McKay Family Foundation, gave $1 million. Soros also promised $3 million to The Center for American Progress. (WashPo 11/13/03)

In 2005, Soros set up a network of left wing think tanks and advocacy groups called the Democracy Alliance. Then, he prevailed upon eighty wealthy leftists to pledge one $1 million or more over a five year period, and 1000 more leftists to contribute $250,000. The principal beneficiaries were Media Matters (a left wing propaganda machine to counter the conservative media), the Center for American Progress headed up by John Podesta, and America Votes. (See: Spawn of Soros)

Step 4: Take Over the Democratic Party: When the Democratic Party lost the ability to rely on soft money it panicked. Soros provided them with a solution which calls to mind the old saying beware of Greeks (or Hungarians) bearing gifts. The metaphor of the Trojan Horse is apt, for he invited the big money donors to contribute to his network of organizations in lieu of the Democratic Party itself. As a result, he siphoned off $300 million from the Party, and privatized the Party.(See: The Shadow Party) As Don Iverson observed “Soros is the most powerful man in the Democratic Party today because he is able to make large donations to whichever candidate or candidates support his views. The enormous sum that he is able to give makes the future Democratic nominee very beholden to him”. That is how he controls Obama.

Step 5: Plan the Velvet Revolution: in 2004, Soros cronies developed a secret campaign strategy called The Dean Plan based on the Velvet Revolution Model. The stated objectives of the Dean Plan can be summarized as follows: 1) create a base of support outside the traditional Democratic Party and focus on that 10% of the electorate who are influential within their peer group or on the web, 2) create a web of small donors to offset the major donors of the Democratic Party, and supplement them through 527 PACs with unlimited contributions, 3) create a cult movement which appeals to young people and diverse populations, 4) drive home the theme of change with arguments and symbols, 5) bring left wing media commentators on board, 6) create an echo chamber in mainstream media, talk radio and the web, 7) select a candidate with no national name recognition, charisma and the stamina for a national campaign and 8) nominate that candidate eight months prior to the general election. (see: The Dean Plan)

Step 6: Select the Charismatic Candidate: In 2002 Howard Dean identified a candidate who met those criteria. Dean placed him on a list called “The Dean Dozen”. He was a Harvard Law School graduate, a no show Editor of the Harvard Law Review, a scion of the powerful Chicago political machine, and a state senator from Illinois. He was former community organizer for ACORN. His name was Obama. He was young and had a hypnotic timbre to his voice. He believed he could “make people believe anything he wants them to believe”. He was unknown to the national audience, and the paper trail on him from birth certificate to transcripts was hidden from public view. Consequently, the Dream Factory was free to define him to the county as they saw fit–in two best selling “autobiographies”. The wild card was his race. They did not know whether a predominantly white electorate would vote for a black candidate. So they tested the proposition by running an Obama clone in Massachusetts, and Axelrod managed the campaign. When Deval Patrick won the governorship, the question was answered in the affirmative. That is why Obama plagiarized Patrick speeches—they were afraid to deviate from the script one iota. (Note: the birth certificate controversy is a self-inflicted wound for Mr. Obama. The real question is why he would spend $2 million dollars in legal fees to avoid producing a legal record which everyone else produces as a matter of course in response to a reasonable request. He asks us to trust him– but trust is a two-way street).

Step 7: Become Obama’s Godfather: Soros backed Dean in 2004. When Dean’s candidacy ended in the memorable Dean Scream, he withdrew from the race, and turned his army of bloggers over to Obama. Then, he introduced Obama to Soros, who made a $60,000 contribution to Obama’s Illinois Senate Campaign. During the next two years, Soros met with Obama on several occasions. Soros presented Obama to his cabal of money men from major domestic and foreign banking firms. In one instance, he and Obama staged a mock debate over AIRPAC wherein Obama took the side of Israel and Soros took the contrarian side to impress wealthy Jewish donors that Obama was on their side. In January 2008, Soros crony Wolf from the Swiss Bank UBC helped Obama plan his campaign. Ultimately, what Soros saw in Obama was a candidate who fit the Dean Plan, could inspire a world-wide movement and was the quintessence of what every big businessman hopes for in a public servant, namely a politician who takes orders and stays bought.

Step 8: Rig the Primary: In the Early States Soros funded organizations like ACORN hired street thugs and many were trained at Camp Obama on how to subvert the democratic process. The inevitable result was pervasive voter fraud and intimidation. In my own travels, I saw orderly caucuses and disorderly ones. Two thousand (2000) complaints were filed against the Obama campaign. (See: Caucus Analysis) Many of those complaints were serious. (See: Texas caucus fraud ) However, they were ignored by the Democratic National Committee, which was presided over by three Soros confederates Dean, Pelosi and Brazile. In South Carolina, the Obama campaign played the race card from the bottom of the deck. They called Bill and Hillary racists while Obama himself maintained plausible deniability—like he always does. The Clintons have been very loyal to the black community throughout their careers. Hence the slanderous charge that they were racists was the unkindest cut of all. Brutus Clyburn was one of the plotters. Their skullduggery is well documented in the article Race Man by Professor Sean Wiltentz . That false charge of racism reverberated though the rest of the campaign and undermined black support for Hillary. It was pure evil.

In the Middle States a revealing thing occurred. Obama met privately with Governor Rendell of Pennsylvania, who was a Hillary supporter. Obama warned Rendell to go easy on him because he would be the nominee. Rendell was puzzled by the comment because it was the middle of the primary and the two candidates were running neck and neck. What Obama was telling him was that Soros and other insiders had already made the decision that Obama would be the nominee regardless of what the voters did. Shortly thereafter, politicians tied to Soros like Dodd, Leahy and Kennedy called on Hillary to withdraw from the race because it was hurting the party. Nevertheless, she was determined to press on until every state had its chance to vote. Meanwhile, Soros appeared on television, praised Obama to high heaven and damned Hillary with faint praise.

In the Late States where Soros- influenced media shills attacked Hillary at every opportunity. Soros is heavily invested in AOL-Time Warner, which is the parent organization of CNN. At the beginning of the campaign CNN hired marketing strategists to attach negative words to Hillary like polarizing and had their talking heads repeat them night after night so they were implanted in the minds of voters. Meanwhile, MSNBC pundits Matthews, Shuster and Olberman launched crude sexist attacks against Hillary, causing the New York Chapter of NOW to picket their employer. Even ABC Golden Boy Tapper succumbed to the feeding frenzy and compared Hillary to Tonia Harding. Michael Goodwin accused her of wanting Obama assassinated because she innocently mentioned the death of Robert Kennedy in a newspaper interview. This was part of a coordinated media strategy to end her campaign. What are we to make of these people? Perhaps the answer lies in something Frank Herbert wrote, namely that contrary to popular myth, power does not corrupt; power attracts corrupt people; and eventually they lose their audience as their bias becomes open, and notorious.

At the conclusion of the campaign, the Soros controlled Rules and By-Laws Committee met to decide how the votes cast by Florida and Michigan would be allocated. Obama was not on the ballot in Michigan and yet the Committee awarded him delegates that Hillary won. This was a blatant violation of the core party principle of “fair reflection”. The rules were trashed to ensure Obama got the nomination. Thereafter, the Soros controlled DNC threatened to cut off funds to the state delegations that supported Hillary. Also, threats were issued to Hillary’s super delegates that the party would field candidates to run against them in their primaries if they did not switch to Obama. They forced them to sign pledges to support Obama. Pelosi told them to support Obama not because of any demonstrable capacity for leadership, but because he brought in so much money. Again, the influence of Soros was pervasive.

At the Convention, the fine young cannibals who were there to support Obama tried to bribe Hillary delegates to change their votes and if they would not change they harassed them. A complaint was drafted to the Secretary of State of California protesting this. But in the end, Hillary conceded. The Party that Soros controlled disrespected Hillary and her 18 million supporters. She won more primary votes than any Democratic candidate in history, including Obama. But real democracy does not count when you are dealing with Soros.

As you can see, the nomination process was a sham. Soros controlled the Party and he made sure that Obama got the nomination.

Caveat: all five (5) elements of the Velvet Revolution Model were present in the Obama Campaign: i) Media: Soros operatives orchestrated a media swoon for Obama. They portrayed Obama not as a candidate but a movement. They attacked Hillary relentlessly and did everything they possibly could to force her out of the race. Talleyrand said treason is a matter of dates. In this case it was present from the beginning. By the end of the campaign AP was publishing false stories to suppress voter turnout and force Hillary to concede. (Beth Fouhey), ii) Rent a Mob: Soros funded Camp Obama through his 527 organizations to train campaign organizers, which functioned like Camp Liberty in Eastern Europe; they were trained in Velvet Revolution and Alinsky Methods; swarms of young people would show up at rallies, and media would repeat the movement meme; flash mobs showed up at caucuses, iii) Symbols and Slogans: Soros operatives came up with slogans like “yes we can”; Maria Shriver led chants “he is the one we have been waiting for” which had spiritual overtones; signs were hung out which read “Change We Can Believe In”. Two autobiographies were written by him or for him, and fools rushed in where angels fear to tread to buy them, iv.) Fake Polling: throughout the Primary, published polls were inflated for Obama; but in states with primaries as opposed to caucuses those inflated projections were proven wrong time and again; in New Hampshire they showed Hillary losing by 12% but she ended up winning; mainstream media tried to blame this on the Bradley Effect, but to most Americans it was clear evidence that mainstream media was gaming the polls to produce a people power stampede for Obama, v) A Suitable Demagogue: this role called for a charismatic and unscrupulous politician; Barack Obama was made to order for the role; he was thoroughly vetted by the Soros organization, and Brzezinski operatives.

(Note: if the foregoing analysis is true, then the Obama Presidency represents a takeover of our government by Global Capitalists, the CIA or both. Soros is running the show, we know that. Capitalists have always exercised power in government, we know that too—only now they are multi-national in scope. The presence of Soros and Brzezinski in the Obama campaign however raises a more troubling question whether a rogue element of the CIA was involved as well. Why? Because all three of them were involved in launching virtually identical campaigns in Eastern Europe. They could launder information to the Obama Campaign through Soros think tanks and nobody would be the wiser. They could buy off the corporations who own mainstream media. So once again: Was the CIA involved in the Obama Campaign? Webster Tarpley thinks so.

I can just see little Matt Lauer fidgeting in his chair, leaning forward with a look of incredulity and saying you don’t really believe that President Obama is a CIA operative– do you? I would say Matt I don’t know. There is a lot about Mr. Obama that I don’t know because he will not tell us. When I do not know, I do not pretend I do. That is the difference between you and me—Matt.)








Author: Bill Boe 11/03/2009


First they called us racists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a racist;

Then they called us a mob, and I did not speak out—because I was not a mobster;

Then they threatened a news network, and I did not speak out—because I was not a journalist;

Then they destroyed our country, and I did not speak out—because I wanted to believe their lies;

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak out for me. . . . .

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  1. November 11, 2009 8:43 am

    Thanks, Mr Boe, for taking many months of time researching and assessing the overall picture of how yet another election has been stolen from the American people ironically and unknowingly by their own hand.

    Our only consolation is knowing at least 18million Hillary supporters were not duped by the open support of the emotional Oprah Winfrey crowd voting for color rather than voting for the BEST candidate for the job. Then there are the tunneled vision Susan Sarandons, the Matt Damons, who augmented Obama’s image flying the flag of “change” as reason enough to earn our votes.

    This serial exposé of the reach of one man, George Soros and his willing puppets, Barack Hussein Obama and his wife, Michelle, is so vast and unthinkable to the average person; that until you take the time to educate yourselves to the organized corruption that got us to where we are today, you will never understand why our economy is in shambles, our jobs extinct with the prospects of a full recovery to the peace and prosperity we once knew, will remain an elusive dream as long as George Soros is involved in the politics of our country.

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