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RFK, Jr. 15 months ago: Global warming means no snow or cold in DC

February 8, 2010

By: David Freddoso
Online Opinion Editor

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who flies around on private planes so as to tell larger numbers of people how they must live their lives in order to save the planet, wrote a column last year on the lack of winter weather in Washington, D.C.

In Virginia, the weather also has changed dramatically. Recently arrived residents in the northern suburbs, accustomed to today’s anemic winters, might find it astonishing to learn that there were once ski runs on Ballantrae Hill in McLean, with a rope tow and local ski club. Snow is so scarce today that most Virginia children probably don’t own a sled. But neighbors came to our home at Hickory Hill nearly every winter weekend to ride saucers and Flexible Flyers.

In those days, I recall my uncle, President Kennedy, standing erect as he rode a toboggan in his top coat, never faltering until he slid into the boxwood at the bottom of the hill. Once, my father, Atty. Gen. Robert Kennedy, brought a delegation of visiting Eskimos home from the Justice Department for lunch at our house. They spent the afternoon building a great igloo in the deep snow in our backyard. My brothers and sisters played in the structure for several weeks before it began to melt. On weekend afternoons, we commonly joined hundreds of Georgetown residents for ice skating on Washington’s C&O Canal, which these days rarely freezes enough to safely skate.

Meanwhile, Exxon Mobil and its carbon cronies continue to pour money into think tanks whose purpose is to deceive the American public into believing that global warming is a fantasy.

Having shoveled my walk five times in the midst of this past weekend’s extreme cold and blizzard, I think perhaps RFK, Jr. should leave weather analysis to the meteorologists instead of trying to attribute every global phenomenon to anthropogenic climate change.

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Megaera says:

“Am I the only one who finds RFKjr’s charming memories of snowfalls lasting weeks and weekly sledding throughout winter in an area which is in fact a part of the South and was considered a fever swamp just slightly bizarre? (No, I agree with you 100%) DC has NEVER had winters the like of which he’s describing. He was 6 when JFK and RFK went to DC, 9 when JFK died and the family went back to Massachusetts (Lyndon wasted no time getting shut of Bobby), and I will politely assume that his memories are muddled, not that he’s outright lying. Though of course he may well be. He’s a politician with an agenda, and that trumps everything.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. The Kennedys have become the laughing stock of the country and will be remembered as a family reviled by their own generation who are disgusted with their lies, betrayal of the Dem Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton and their ‘do nothing’ for America but enrich themselves agenda.

Vilified ‘Climategate’ Scientist Says He Considered Suicide

Phil Jones, the British scientist at the center of a worldwide scandal over e-mails appearing to show climate scientists manipulating global warming data, says he considered killing himself “several times” during the crisis, the Times of London reports.

“I am just a scientist,” Jones said. “I have no training in PR or dealing with crises.” As climate change deniers called for him to resign his post, and even making threats on his life, Jones lost weight and went on beta-blockers and sleeping pills. He continues to receive death threats, including two in the past week. “I was shocked,” he said. “People said I should go and kill myself. They said that they knew where I lived. They were coming from all over the world.”

In e-mails that global warming deniers seized on ahead of the Copenhagen climate summit late last year, Jones appeared to call on his colleagues to destroy evidence that would counter proof of climate change. Jones has vehemently stood by his work, saying that the e-mails written by him and other scientists were deliberately taken out of context and misconstrued to create the appearance of scandal. Several informal reviews have agreed that no scientific misconduct took place, and the incident is being reviewed by the U.N. climate change panel.

Suicide is never an option for a person innocent of allegations of lying .. They stay and fight until their last breath… they don’t take the easy way out with and overdose of sleeping pills or jumping out of 10 story windows

U.N. Climate Panel Apologizes for Faulty 2007 Statement on Melting Glaciers

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the division of the United Nations that researches global warming, apologized Wednesday for a 2007 report that claimed the Himalayan glaciers would melt by 2035, CNN reports.

The IPCC was responding a controversy swirling around a particular paragraph in the 2007 statement that had come from a long chain of popular articles — essentially scientific hearsay. The statement read: “Glaciers in the Himalaya are receding faster than in any other part of the world, and if the present rate continues, the likelihood of them disappearing by the year 2035 and perhaps sooner is very high if the Earth keeps warming at the current rate. Its total area will likely shrink from the present 500,000 to 100,000 square kilometers by the year 2035.”

The paragraph was based on information from a 2005 report by the World Wildlife Fund, which had in turn been taken from an article that appeared in the popular UK science journal, The New Scientist in June 1999. The data in the original article was later deemed faulty, and the IPCC called its own statement “poorly substantiated,” admitting that “well-established standards of evidence were not applied properly.”
As the wheels come off this presidency and his cap and trade scam is revealed more Americans are catching on they’ve been scammed

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