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The Obama Scandal Buried by Eric Holder’s “Justice” Dept…

June 28, 2011

Despite clear evidence of campaign finances wrongdoing, the New York Times and later Attorney General Eric Holder buried a damning story that could have resulted in Barack Obama losing the 2008 election…

In the fall of 2008, so much was going favorably for Barack Obama, winning the November presidential election appeared a near-certainty. Perhaps if the New York Times had not buried a critical news story that could have rivaled that of the Reverend Wright debacle the previous spring, such victory would have been far less certain.

The Obama campaign had sent nearly a million dollars to the Acorn offshoot Citizens Services Inc in the months prior to the November election. That money was then officially noted as payment for such services as “staging and polling”. Evidence later uncovered the truth – that money was illegally used for ACORN-supported get out the vote campaigns for Barack Obama – a clear violation of federal election laws. The New York Times knew of the story, but refused to publish any information on it prior to the election. So too did other mainstream media outlets. And even after the votes had been cast, and after ACORN was shown to be a fraudulent and corrupt organization, the same mainstream media forces buried the story.

The only hope then for the full truth to be uncovered was to be an investigation into the Obama campaign’s illegal use of campaign funds by the Department of Justice. Any hope for such an investigation was effectively terminated whenBarack Obama appointed Eric Holder as his new Attorney General – a full two months before Obama himself even took the presidential oath of office. Holder was already intimately aware of the ACORN-related election fund wrondoings, having served as a senior legal adviser toBarack Obama throughout the 2008 campaign. Getting Holder into the nation’s top legal spot was clearly a priority for Obama, indicated by Holder’s appointment coming before those of Hillary Clinton, Timothy Geithner, or Robert Gates. It would appear keeping federal investigations from developing against him were more important to then President-Elect Obama than working to secure the nation’s economic and self defense positions, a trend that continues within the Obama administration to present day.

If Eric Holder was to be removed from his post at the Justice Department though, in conjunction with a Republican Party controlled House of Representatives, such investigations may become a much needed reality – andBarack Obama’s worst nightmare…

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  1. June 29, 2011 5:35 am

    Excellent article. Awesome. It also points to why we need a third news network that simply reports the news from a moderate position, a position in the middle of Fox and MSNBC.

    Only then would Hillary Clinton ever have a chance to lead our country out of the economic quicksand that George Bush and Barack Obama have led us into.

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