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June 29, 2011

“President Barack Obama’s former “Green Czar” and devoted communist VanJones now heads the Soros-funded “The American Dream Movement”, whose primary goal is to counteract the popularity of the Tea Party and defeat conservatives in 2012…”


FORMER GREEN OBAMA CZAR VanJones: Creates Anti-Tea Party Organization

Following his resignation from the Obama administration, Van Jones indicated President Barack Obama was aware of his radicalized political past, including his embracing of communist and socialist ideals. Van Jones himself was handpicked to be a part of theObama regime by Valerie Jarrett, the president’s closest and most powerful senior adviser. Since leaving the Obama White House, Jones has remained both busy, and a figure granted much sympathy and respect by powerful far left institutions of America – namely the George Soros political Frankenstein known as MoveOn.

This week Van Jones headlined a coming out party for “The American Dream Movement” at New York City, in which he specifically outlined the goals of the newly formed organization – goals that can be then summarized into two primary categories:

-Raise taxes in order to grow government

-Protect and expand unions

Two of the largest and most politically influential labor unions are partners with Van Jones – SEIU and the AFL-CIO, headed by Richard Trumky who just last year accepted an award from the Communist Party USA. Trumka contributed a video message to the “Dream Movement” party.

As for Van Jones, it appears likely he will use his newest political platform and continued ties with Barack Obama friendly groups such as MoveOn, labor unions, and various socialist-communist organizations to continue the very goals he had embraced before being appointed a member of the Obama administration in 2009:

-Eliminate personal wealth and “change the whole system”.

-Push for continued solidarity with American Muslims and defeat American “imperialism” abroad. (Note: Van Jones declared this goal the day after 9/11.)

-Further promote Van Jones own “Maoist Manifesto” that calls for revolution against the current government.

So Van Jones has gone from old news to new news, and the American public is reminded yet again that this anti-American communist radical was handpicked byBarack Obama and Valerie Jarrett to be a member of the Obama administration.

Wake up America, before Van Jones’ and Obama’s ”Dream Movement” becomes your permanent nightmare…


UPDATE: Senate Now Taking Aim At Obama Gunrunner Scandal

(ht/Ulsterman) June 29, 2011

It appears full scale Senate Hearings into Project Gunrunner are to be scheduled in the coming weeks with ATF chief Kenneth Melson having agreed to provide key testimony into who knew what and when. Is Melson prepared to lay blame at the feet of Attorney General Eric Holder and the Obama White House?

After months of stonewalling by the Obama Department of Justice, Republican Senator Charles Grassley has successfully brokered a deal between himself, Democrat Senator Pat Leahy, and DOJ officials to allow full access to documents pertaining to the Fast and Furious/Gunrunner scandal. The fact Senate Republicans and Democrats are now working together to unblock theObama administration’s refusal to turn over repeatedly requested documents is a significant development that poses potentially great risk toObama administration officials.

According to various media reports, a bi-partisan effort by a growing number of Congressional members is now underway to find out if Eric Holder and other senior Obama administration officials played any part in not only the Gunrunner project itself, but a subsequent cover-up when the scandal broke following the death of an ATF agent killed by weapons the Obama administration encouraged to enter into the hands of Mexican drug cartel members. These weapons have since been used to kill law enforcement officials and citizens on both sides of the American-Mexican border. It is suspected up to 1000 of these illegal weapons remain unaccounted for.

Following the often scathing rhetoric and testimony during hearings on the scandal led by Congressman Darrell Issa, it was suspected ATF Director Kenneth Melson would resign his position – effectively serving as theObama administration’s sacrificial lamb in an effort to end further investigations into the matter. It appears Mellon has refused to participate in that scenario – he is now expressing a strong desire to testify before the Senate in hearings scheduled for next month. Congressman Issa has already gone on record declaring that Attorney General Eric Holder “absolutely knew” of Project Gunrunner, despite Holder testifying differently to that alleged fact during earlier hearings. If ATF Director Melson offers testimony confirming Issa’s declaration that Holder was in fact aware of Project Gunrunner much earlier than Holder had indicated under oath, theAttorney General will likely face a very difficult political and legal outcome. Speculation is also running rampant that Homeland Security officials were also likely to have been “in the loop” regarding Project Gunrunner – including DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano herself.

Adding further speculation to the growing fire that is the Gunrunner scandal, is the just reported development that an ATF official who participated in the Fast and Furious hearings held by Congressman Issa has been fired from his position at the ATF. No specific reason yet has been forthcoming by any officials within the ATF or theObama Department of Justice on the firing of the whistleblower.

What is more known at this point is that regarding Attorney General Eric Holder, and yes, even President Barack Obama, we are now hearing a term being whispered not just by Republicans in Congress, but some of their Democrat counterparts as well: Impeachment.


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