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Obama considered quitting…*adult content*

August 14, 2011

White House Insider: The Obama Plan – Part One

( h/t) by Ulsterman on August 12, 2011

“The president actually considered quitting. He really did. But now he’s going on the attack. He wants to give a big F-You to White America-that’s actually one of his primary motivations. You think the race card has been played up before? Just wait. 2012 is gonna be the most brutal political cycle we have ever witnessed. Ever.” WARNING: Adult Content.

Author’s Note: This interview is the first face to face sit down in months with our longtime D.C. political operative we have come to simply call “Insider”. They offer up a unique perspective and insight based upon their decades-long experience as a D.C. insider working within the highest levels of government – including helping to elect Barack Obama in 2008. Here now are the words of Insider, unedited and published in their entirety per their request. This is Part One of the interview:

Ulsterman: It’s been a while hasn’t it? Face to face that is.

Insider: Yes it has. Been busy. Tired. Loving it though. I really do love this. All of this. Gonna miss it. And we have made so much progress. Incredible progress.

Ulsterman: How so? Eric Holder remains at the DOJ. Barack Obama remains president.

Insider: Really? That’s how you put it to me? Holder is at the DOJ – for now. For now, right? Open your eyes. Holder is getting absolutely slammed at every turn. We got people in Congress calling for full investigations now. Calling for Holder to step down. Calling for fucking justice! You didn’t see that last year. You didn’t see that before we started all of this. Something like that doesn’t happen in days or weeks, or even a month or two. It takes fucking time. Who else pointed to the DOJ and said THERE IS THE SCANDAL. Who else? Nobody but me. I gave you that. On a fucking platter I gave you that. So don’t come here now on my invite and point at me and say there hasn’t been any progress. ERIC HOLDER IS GOING DOWN. Ok? It’s happening. Right before our fucking eyes. And like I’ve always told you, Holder is the Obama firewall. Holder is the stop-gap to everything. Every fucking thing. You head up the DOJ you can pretty much stamp out 99% of anything coming at a president. Do you understand that? I know—

Ulsterman:(Interrupts) …I understand what you’ve told me. You were right on about the DOJ. I’ll give you that, deservedly so. And you’re also right, at least from what I can recall, that nobody was honing in on a DOJ scandal before you were. And that’s where we are at now – a significant DOJ scandal. But after months of the scandal first breaking, Eric Holder remains the Attorney General. And the Gunrunner story seems stalled. And I worry it’s gonna go away. Just like the New Black Panther case did.

Insider: First off…the Black Panther thing…(long pause) We, I…I fucked that up. Not just me, but I am to blame for that in part. We showed our hand way too early…we got caught flat footed on it. That case had the potential to be much bigger. We fucked it up. The launch was all wrong. Looking back – whataya gonna do? Spilled fucking milk. But let me make this clear to you right now – Gunrunner is way bigger than the NBP scenario. Way bigger. It is an operation that has gone into full government cover up at the highest levels. THE HIGHEST LEVELS. You got that? I told you months ago that “we got them”. They fucked up. They took the bait and ran with it. And they know it now. But you gotta understand here…you gotta realize, that once we reach a certain stage, we become almost totally dependent on certain people in certain positions of power to now take the ball and run with it. That is almost always the case. And if they drop the ball, if they back off, if they make a deal – it’s over. Done.

Insider: Yeah, he’s certainly a very critical part of this. Initially he was among the most critical. To his credit he seems to have pushed this thing out there as best he can. But I remain cautious of his ultimate intent. Will he allow a secondary figure to take the fall? That could still happen. I haven’t heard that confirmed yet, which is a very good sign, but it could still happen. It’s beyond just Issa now though. Congress – all of Congress, is engaged on this Gunrunner thing, though under the radar where most the deals go down. There is some positioning, posturing, all the same fucking bullshit these clowns do on this stuff, a deal here, a promise there, nod and wink, handshakes, threats, break-ups, it’s pretty incestuous on that hill you know? People have no fucking clue. We’ve all been rode hard and put away wet at one time or another up there—

Ulsterman(interrupts) —Staying with Congressman Issa. Can you just say straight on if you believe he will follow through on bringing a special prosecutor to investigate Gunrunner? Just a simple yes or no on that please…

Insider: That kind of thing will take more than just Darrell Issa. Good news is, it’s forming right now. I’ve told you that already and you have no reason to doubt it. The negotiations are currently underway for a special prosecutor and the signs are looking very-very good on that, which is a huge development for all of this – for what we have been working toward. But let’s not get into more details on that just yet – I don’t intend to help fuck this one up. Just rest assured it’s moving along, and at a much faster pace than I would have thought possible just a month ago.

Ulsterman: Let’s say Holder resigns and what you keep referring to as “Obama’s firewall” is removed. What then?

Insider: (Smiles) What then? Oh…I think you would be satisfied with the result.

Ulsterman: That’s too vague. What then? It makes sense to me that Eric Holder in his position as Attorney General has significant powers – almost unlimited powers it would seem, to protect Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, and anyone else needed in order to keep President Obama in power. Even if Holder goes though, couldn’t they simply install someone else in his place to continue that protection?

Insider: Finally you are asking the right questions! And that is EXACTLY what the Obama machine is already attempting to prepare for – Holder’s replacement. Issa and others are watching this stuff right now, with a strong assist from a certain Democrat senator. The problem is, there will be a gap between the protection Eric Holder provides now, and the protection his replacement could provide. Information can then be uncovered that is currently tucked away behind the cloak of the Obama Department of Justice. When Holder is on his way out, the truth is gonna move in. We just need that window of opportunity to make it happen. It’s gonna happen. Just give it a bit more time.

Ulsterman: And then back to Chicago?

Insider: Yes…Chicago. Maybe Hawaii too. (winks)

Ulsterman: You know, there was a time not so long ago where you mocked me for the Birther stuff. Now you keep hinting at something being there. Did you read the book? The Corsi book?

Insider: You keep sinkin’ your teeth into that leg don’t you? A goddamn rabid dog for the Birther shit. Look, I ain’t no expert investigator. That’s not my thing. But I do hear things from time to time. And I know for a fact Nancy Pelosi made mention of a file on the subject. You remember that? When she was heading out the door as Speaker. When her and Obama were not so fucking simpatico? Before whatever deal she struck with him?

Ulsterman: Yes.

Insider: And the last time I sent you a message I mentioned that this Corsi had been brought up by somebody high up in the political food chain, right? That something seemed to be forming on that? Whatever is there it has people concerned. If he wanted to get their attention, it seems he got it. I would still recommend you don’t cozy up to it too close though. I will just say this about your Mr. Corsi…I don’t think he’s entirely right, but there’s a lot of chatter out there indicating he’s not entirely wrong either.

Ulsterman: You keep stringing me along on this thing. You once didn’t want to hear anything related to questions about Obama’s birth record and now you seem more willing to entertain the possibility. Why the change? What do you know?

Insider: Hell – I think I…I think I more than entertain the possibility. I have read some of the stuff you sent me. How much is true or not I can’t say. I really can’t. I have access to what-what some people are saying, or what they are worried about, or what they might be planning. And I have years of experience that helps me put one and two together to try and figure out what is coming down the political pike. And I have associates with access to their own information who agree with me that Barack Obama was a huge fucking mistake for the party and for America. But I don’t have some super secret Obama file. If I did I would most likely already be dead. I don’t know if it’s about his place of birth or if it’s something else that those records could reveal, but what I do know is that Barack Obama is covering something up related to that stuff. The guy is hiding something there. I am sure of that. Everything points to that being the case. The stuff you send me…look, a lot of it I just trash. I admit that. I’ve looked over some of it though, and some of it sounds…possible. Maybe even probable. But I don’t have a hand in any of that. Getting Eric Holder out of the DOJ, defeating Barack Obama in 2012 – that’s my thing. If somebody else wants to prove Obama isn’t who he says he is – more power to them…and join the fucking club.

Ulsterman: If your move to get Eric Holder to step down is not accomplished before the elections, do you think Obama can be defeated?

Insider: Absolutely. And that’s a big change from what I used to say to you isn’t it? I told you and told you Democrats were disgusted over Obama. You remember that? Nobody else was saying that. And now look at what is being reported – Democrats disgusted over Obama. Whispers of Hillary heading out the door. A push to have her run against Obama – something that sadly I have been told she won’t do. More whispers of some other Democrat challenging the president. That information I sent you about the debt ceiling…Obama walking out and threatening Democrats. Threatening to fucking veto Democrats! You messaged me saying I got it wrong. That it was the Republicans he walked out on…right? That’s what you said – that I got it wrong.

Ulsterman: Yes, but in my defense, that is what was reported. That Obama walked out on the Republicans not the Democrats. There was no mention of him walking out on the Democrats, so it did seem—

Insider: (Interrupts) —Seemed? Do you think? Do you think the media wanted to portray the Democrats as clawing out their own eyes? Hell no! If I give you something that detailed you take it to the fucking bank. Got it? President Obama walked out on the Democrats. He threatened to veto them. A veto I told you was complete bullshit. And what did he do – he signed whatever they sent him. Just like I said he would. And after the fact – days after the fact, is when the reports finally came out that Obama left a meeting with the Democratic and Republican leadership, and that he was threatening to veto what they were putting together. I was able to tell you what happened, told you what happened, because I got it from the room. Understand? From the fucking room. If I give you something that specific, it’s the real-time deal. Don’t ever doubt me on that.

Ulsterman: Fair enough. How about you tell me how Obama is defeated in 2012? Let’s assume Holder is still Attorney General – how does Obama lose?

Insider: First, Holder won’t be Attorney General by November 2012. But I’ll leave off on that and talk politics with you. The simple, in it to win it, get your hands dirty with the shit up to your balls politics. My world.

Ulsterman: Absolutely – let’s hear it.

Insider: Hold on then – here we go…The Obama team has already initiated a comprehensive plan of attack for 2012. Just a bit of that has leaked out already. They are developing campaign scenarios based upon the most possible Republican nominees. Now at this point, and here’s one of those specifics you can bank on that I just told you about, so try and pay attention…at this point, Mitt Romney has received the brunt of the Obama team’s focus. And they still believe he will be the likely nominee, which at this point I would agree with. The funding organization the Romney people put together is fucking fantastic. The involvement of Perry – Governor Perry, has them scrambling now though. I don’t believe they actually thought he was going to go for it this time around. I was told the Perry people had leaked to them – the Obama operatives, that Governor Perry was actually not considering a run until 2016. If true, good for them. Classic head fake that has left the Obama machine now doing catch-up to prepare for a possible run against Perry. You want to make those Chicago Obama boys stain their drawers? Tell them the South is about to rise again! (laughs)

“None of this is beyond the norm though. Where it gets different for the Obama campaign is what I’ll just call the Obama Plan. They are going way beyond simply working up your typical campaign scenarios against potential opponents. The president – I was told of this about a week ago, maybe two weeks ago…(pause)… the president actually considered quitting. He really did. But now he’s going on the attack. He wants to give a big F-You to White America – that’s actually one of his primary motivations. You think the race card has been played up before? Just wait. 2012 is gonna be the most brutal political cycle we have ever witnessed. Ever.

COMING SOON: The Obama Plan – Part Two. How the Obama campaign intends to win re-election in 2012, and how far Barack Obama is willing to go to make it happen.


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