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Has The Obama Re-Election Race War Started? Get Ready America!

August 25, 2011

“Political insiders warned recently of an intended plan by the Obama re-election campaign to utilize a race-based nation-wide “guilting” of white America with a strong assist from figures within the mainstream media. It now appears that campaign is in fact underway.”

White guilt got Barack Obama the nomination. White guilt got Barack Obama into the White House. At least it was a big part of it…they are not sure they can run on the economy by summer of 2012. Motivation is way down – the people on the ground. Many of them will be sitting this one out. The campaign conducted over five internals in the last few months. Each time the one issue that came back favorably for the president was the color of his skin. People are not comfortable…white people are not comfortable going against a person of color. At least not a whole lot of them.

…They got an entire plan to utilize it. Targeting certain states. A media campaign. Use it as a weapon against prospective opponents…

…Then bring in the Hispanic vote, tie them up in this race issue as well. Republicans want to toss you out. Obama wants to bring you in. They hate the color of Obama’s skin just like they hate the color of yours. Hey White America, you aren’t part of that group who hates non-whites are you? If not, you better get out and vote for Barack Obama.

Exhibit One, Ed Shultz:

Exhibit Two: Chris Mathews Show – August 16th, 2011: Tea Party Republicans “racist”

Exhibit Three: “Team Obama Deals The Race Card Against Perry” – August 21st, 2011

Last week, liberal pundits charged Perry with racism, offering no evidence or falsified evidence. While the baseless racism charges surfaced on MSNBC, they might have originated in the Obama campaign…

…And this theme of baseless insinuations of racism is emanating from Team Obama and the White House. Obama’s press secretary Jay Carney referred to unnamed opponents “who wanted to secede from the union.” The words “secede from the union” clearly invoke the Southern states’ effort to preserve slavery in 1861.

…Rep. Charlie Rangel, a top House Democrat, is on message, too. “The guy from Texas, he’s got the highest job accomplishments in the country, Governor Perry, but it’s one stage away from slavery…

Exhibit Four: “Black Teen Flash Mobs A Sick Result Of Political Neglect” – August 17th, 2011

…Mayor Nutter and other critics of these errant teenagers could have also decided to take note of the fact that Philadelphia has the most racially-segregated public school system in the entire United States. As usual, white kids are getting all the tools they need to have a productive future, and Black kids are only learning how to join flash mobs.

(ht/Ulsterman for all the wonderful information


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