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Obama Rushed to Hurricane Irene “Photo-Op” at WH…

August 30, 2011

“Despite Barack Obama’s initial protests to end his vacation early, the Obama re-election team convinced the president to pose for a much needed leadership photo-op in the wake of Hurricane Irene.”

Obama tears himself away from Martha's Vineyard golf course for a F2F briefing-

(ht/to Ulsterman for all his hard work)

As initial reports of Hurricane Irene came in, President was hesitant to cut short his vacation. Numerous briefings held on subject, but each time Obama insisted he remain at M. Vineyard. His tone began to change the following day when situation presented to him as a potential to contrast himself from G. Bush and Katrina and could prove a valuable tool for the re-election campaign.

A future campaign ad was outlined utilizing the Irene situation. This scenario said to “perk” president’s interest in becoming more involved and focused.

Photo-op scenario was then developed. Barack Obama again hesitated, but by end of day, was “back on board” for the plan, though was to have said

“Libya should be enough”.

An apparent reference to Gaddafi’s removal from power as being a success for the Obama administration.

Also received a number of references to how “tired” the president appeared even though he has been vacationing for some time now.

Even as reports came in that Irene was likely to prove far less damaging than the initial outlook, the Obama team proceeded with photo-op plan. The Plouffe gang believed the photo and the message it would send to be “critical” for the image of the president.

During the most extensive of the situation updates,

Obama left early.

His mood was described as “agitated” and “dismissive” of the situation, and his understanding of emergency response “non-existent”. He repeatedly commented with “We get the picture and we are good, right? You guys can take it from there, right? Yeah, let’s do it then. Let’s go.”

When the suggestion of a brief teleconference was proposed, the president again balked, but later complied with the suggestion.
Uncertain how he was later convinced. Likely given a script to read from and that lessened his concerns about attempting to pretend knowledge of a subject he knew nothing about.

What I do know is that the president was placed in the Hurricane “situation center” and the photographers were ushered in and and instructed what to shoot. The president left soon after the photographers left. Told one news agency actually reported on the story even before Obama had left. If true this would be proof the campaign team sent out the “script” to the news agencies hours before the president even arrived at the situation center. I know for a fact that this kind of thing has been done before by the Obama campaign.

”We get the picture and we are good, right? You guys can take it from there, right?"

Lastly, someone high up in the Obama team earlier in the week openly expressed a hope that Irene would be “A real big one.” Meaning they are desperate for an opportunity for the president to appear “presidential”.

Apparently media outlets have already been contacted to assist in this effort of portraying Barack Obama as the “anti-Bush” regarding the current hurricane response. Look for the photo-op and written portrayals of the president’s abilities during the hurricane crisis to be transmitted by media over the course of the next few days, even though Irene is already proving to be no more than a tropical storm at this time.

One last interesting tidbit was a description as Hurricane Irene being

“Napolitano’s last dance.”

Is she on her way out? This is the first I have heard of that possibility but am now asking around. Will keep you updated.


Check out this shocking photo of President Obama as he looked upon arriving back in Washington D.C. from his vacation in Martha’s Vineyard. This is the dynamic young man the country elected just three years ago? The reports of a “tired” looking Barack Obama do not do justice to just how frail the president appears in this photograph:

Article and graphics provided by the Ulsterman


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