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Democrats Considering Obama One-Term Plan?

September 16, 2011

Fascinating audio now circulating across the Internet suggests top-ranked Democratic Party officials giving consideration to a Barack Obama one-term only scenario.

OBAMA: the Next LBJ

(ht/Ulsterman: for the timely article and of course the graphics-
A video clip now at the beginnings of going viral is circulating the Internet. Its contents reveal strategists within the Democratic Party now openly telling their re-election clients to stay away from President Obama if they hope to have any chance at re-election, as well as the even more blockbuster scenario of party officials approaching the president himself with an “LBJ scenario” in which Barack Obama would announce to the nation he will not seek a second term as President of the United States.

Granted, much of the information remains speculative banter from within the party, but the fact this banter is now being conducted within the open shows just how deeply the concern over Barack Obama’s persistent inability to successfully navigate the current political challenges of the country, as well as the president’s continued decline in support from among the most stalwart Democratic Party supporters.

And who is pointed to as the most likely replacement for an Obama second term? Hillary Clinton…

Take a listen to the video – the best parts start at the 3:00 mark:


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