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Democrat Congressman On Obama: “Never Seen Anything This Irresponsible”

September 20, 2011

This past week has seen President Barack Obama under increasing fire not from Republicans – but from his own Democratic Party.

What’s the old adage – With friends like this who needs enemies?

Certainly that very thought has to be on the mind of Barack Obama as he struggles to find anything remotely resembling political footing as his poll numbers continue to decline, the economy continues to stagnate, and now his own Democratic Party has begun repeated attacks on the ineptitude that is the Obama White House.

“In my entire political career, I’ve never seen anything this irresponsible.” So says California Congressman Dennis Cardoza after learning little to nothing was actually to be found within the just-proposed Obama jobs plan to combat the still troubling housing crisis. Cardoza’s strongly worded complaint comes after President Obama assured the Congressman and others the he would soon be unveiling a “new and exciting” housing recovery plan. This promise from Obama came at the start of June. Since that time the Obama administration has indicated no such plan exists, and they appear to have little concern in formulating one any time soon.

Congressman Jim Costa, also of California, shared his fellow Democrat’s disdain of the current president’s appalling work ethic, calling the mishmash of Obama policies “contradictory”.

D.C. Insiders have for months indicated just such discord within the Democratic Party against President Obama, and now it appears those earlier and anonymous reports are being proven more than accurate by the on-the-record attacks against Barack Obama by his fellow Democrats.

(ht/ Ulsterman for yet another brilliant WH eyeopener

  1. September 20, 2011 6:42 am

    Well, he may never have seen “anything this irresponsible. But I have. The day the Dem Party took Hillary’s delegates and gave them to the empty suit… Now that was irresponsible.

    And I have no idea how these “Super Delegates” voted in the 2008 primary. But I am betting it was pretty danged “irresponsible” as well.

    Eff them both.

  2. September 21, 2011 10:05 am

    I agree strayyellardawg- I hope Hillary accepts a DRAFT nomination after she resigns from State. Fingers crossed!

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