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Fast and Furious Update: “We Have Notes In His Handwriting”

October 19, 2011

For the first time, Congressman Issa revealed some of the specific evidence Congress now holds against Eric Holder’s Justice Department, including handwritten notes that appear to directly contradict the testimony Attorney General Holder gave to Congress on Fast and Furious last spring where he stated under oath that he had just learned of the failed and deadly operation just weeks prior to his testimony – a claim Congressman Issa clearly finds to be false:

In a lengthy interview given on CBS’s Face the Nation this past weekend, Congressman Darrell Issa made clear his views on Obama Attorney General Eric Holder – pointing to a coverup at the highest levels of the Justice Department.

“His chief of staff had intimate details; we have notes in his handwriting that shows that the number two and Eric Holder’s right hand had intimate details for long time,” Issa told CBS’ Bob Schieffer. “One of the questions is, why wouldn’t you tell your boss about a program that had gotten so out-of-control that it had all kinds of people scurrying to try to stop it?”

CBS News is now reporting on documents proving Holder was briefed specifically on Fast and Furious as far back as the summer of 2010. Congressman Issa during his Face the Nation interview went on to indicate a coverup was potentially initiated by Holder’s Justice Department at the crime scene of slain U.S. Border Agent Brian Terry – a crime scene where one of the weapons appears to have disappeared from the collected evidence:

“…If weapon number one [which] appears to be missing were ballistically matched, we would have an absolute rather than the inconsistency…when you have tickets [labeling the weapons found at the scene] that are numbered 2 and 3 and there’s no ticket 1… When agents who were at Brian Terry’s funeral made statements to his mother indicating that there were three weapons, when the two weapons that they have tested don’t conclusively match up, then you look and say, ‘Well, was there a third weapon at the scene? Were there additional people who escaped with weapons?”

When asked whether or not Eric Holder should resign from his position as Attorney General, Issa told Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer, “That’s for the president to decide.”


CBS Interview

(ht/ to my HERO, Ulsterman! For the research and getting the word out- helping the BLIND to SEE!

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