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Is Obama Already Initiating Plans To Unionize The United States Military?

November 12, 2011

“Home for the Holidays – Obama’s private army? There is gonna be a huge PR campaign underway to trumpet the Obama administration’s successes in Iraq – their killing off of terrorists, Libya, all of it rolled up into one big made-for-TV Obama infomercial. Home for the holidays – that’s the theme.”

First Lady Michelle Obama and wife of Vice President Joe Biden have been scheduled to appear as Grand Marshalls for the NASCAR Ford 400, in what is clearly an attempt to pander to NASCAR voters. The Ford 400 event is to be tied into a Barack Obama “Joining Forces” initiative.

And just what is “Joining Forces”? It is a recently created White House-based organization linked to the ever-expanding plank by which most of Barack Obama’s campaign information initiatives are found – a clear attempt to utilize the military as re-election propaganda for a man who so recently was accusing the American military of “carpet bombing villages and killing civilians”.

Interestingly, the Joining Forces website has a link taking viewers to – a website that upon initial review appears to simply serve as a base point for those looking for volunteer opportunities throughout the country. Ah, but as is so often the case with the Obama administration, a bit of investigative work uncovers the true intent of, and indicates the troubling link it has to Obama’s military-focused “Joining Forces” website.

First, there are the various supportive institutions given prominent attention on the site – such far left liberal groups as the Hands On Network – itself a branch of the “Points of Light Institute” – a community activist organization that wraps itself under the guise of being simply about volunteer service. Not so – its own website points to its interest in environmental activism, community “mobilization”, and “economic security” – all titles that coincide with many of the ongoing talking points found within the Occupy protest movement. What is interesting about the Points of Light Institute is that its own history, according to their website, was based upon George HW Bush’s call for a “1000 Points of Light” throughout America. The website boasts a number of corporate sponsors – some historically liberal leaning, others more conservative leaning, reinforcing the Institute’s declaration that its organization is in fact a bi-partisan effort.


A quick review of those running Points of Light reveals individuals like Director Katie Stearns. Her previous position was Associate Executive Director of Chicago Cares – a liberal community activist organization (notice a theme here?) that interestingly on the front page of their website has two focus articles – the military and the holidays. Is it mere coincidence this coincides with the Obama ‘Home for the Holidays” theme Insider warned about? Chicago Cares founder Leslie Bluhm is a longtime Chicago activist/environmentalist and significant campaign fundraiser for Barack Obama – he personally visited her home.

Another Points of Light member is Cristina Andoni. And who was her former employer? Why none other than George Soros. Andoni is the former program assistant at the Soros Foundation-Moldova. Enough said.

So what we have is the Obama White House utilizing a seemingly pro-United States military website that in fact is linked back to George Soros-supported activism rooted in Big Labor, environmental extremism, and Barack Obama’s own love of corporate shake-down far-left community agitation.

This revelation then reminded me of the warning that came just a couple months ago from our own Wall Street Insider who at the time said the following:

As I did say – the administration wants to unionize the American military. All of it. They apparently, if what this gentleman said is to be believed,…they wish to see the soldiers “justly represented”. That was the term that was repeated to me by more than one source. It had…the conversation had originated as one about unionizing Wall Street workers and then the information about the military – the actual plan for unionizing the military came out.

-Wall Street Insider: September 2011

Now look at the language taken directly from the Obama “Joining Forces” website:

Joining Forces is a national initiative that mobilizes all sectors of society to give our service members and their families the opportunities and support they have earned.

And here is language from SEIU’s mission statement – Barack Obama’s favorite labor union that spent nearly $30 million on his campaign in 2008 :

We are the Service Employees International Union,an organization of more than 2 million members united by the belief in the dignity and worth of workers and the services they provide and dedicated to improving the lives of workers and their families and creating a more just and humane society.

Watch for that Home for the Holidays Obama campaign theme – it might just be the prelude to much bigger and far more sinister plan Barack Obama and his Big Union architects have for the United States military if Obama is given a second term as president in 2012…

(ht/ to Ulsterman and his due diligence for keeping us informed of Obama’s latest nefarious activities.


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