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Sex and Murder in The Land of Obama?

November 19, 2011

A shocking tale of Barack Obama’s behavior following a high profile Chicago gathering of Democratic Party elites shortly before Obama won election to the Illinois State Senate.

pre-election photo before winning seat in Illinois State Senate.

Author’s Note: This story came to me via a message to my Facebook account. Upon reading what the author had to say, and doing some preliminary investigation to attempt at least partial corroboration, I have finally determined, following what appears to be both a sincere and earnest request, to publish this recollection of what this individual states they saw from Barack Obama and a now deceased man who was in Barack Obama’s presence that night. The following is their recollection in its entirety – no editing has been done. I leave it to the readers to determine for themselves the validity of what the author of this story claims to have seen.


“I was an intern for a local Chicago newspaper and a college student working toward a journalism degree. This happened before Barack Obama was president. It happened a short time before he became a state senator in Illinois. He was not the big name he would become just a few years later, but around Chicago he was a big enough name that I recognized who he was when I saw him. His book had just been published and he had received some recognition locally for it, and I had actually seen him on campus a couple of times the year before. He was an “up and comer”.

Anyways, I got the chance to attend this big dinner/party/celebration event downtown that had everybody who was anybody in Chicago at the time. It was an event that took place just before the big Democratic Party convention. The mayor was to give a talk and I was told to do a write up of the mayor’s comments and if possible, get a short interview. (I did not get the interview) I would figure about three or four hundred people were there. Lots of money and power in the room. As the night went on the drinking and noise levels both escalated. I remember being a bit shocked to see these kind of people carrying on like they were, but it was also exciting to be around it. I want to emphasize though that I was not drinking. I was clear headed the entire night. I saw what I saw. I know what I know.

Just before I was going to leave, I ran into one of my professors and sat down to have a talk. I remember being pretty excited that she actually remembered me, and even more excited that she seemed to want to ask me how I was doing and whatnot. I also remember she did seem a little drunk. We ended up sitting and talking for almost an hour and by the time she stood up to leave there were maybe just twenty or so people still hanging around. Everyone else had left.

I decided to look for a bathroom before taking off myself and followed a sign that led me down a hall that had all the lights already turned off. There were about four doors to the left that were to conference rooms, with a sign on the right of the hall pointing further down to the bathrooms. I was a little spooked because it was so dark but managed to find the bathroom. When I came back out I noticed one of the doors to a conference room was about halfway open. I had remembered that no doors had been open before and I got a little freaked out. I hesitated because I was afraid to walk by the door. That was when I heard the voices. Or not so much voices but I heard sounds being made by a person or people. I also smelled something that was odd. Never smelled it before or since that night. A heavy sweet smell that was filling up the hallway. It was not marijuana or anything like that. I was in college. I was plenty familiar with what marijuana smelled like. Something different. And as I stood there not quite sure what to do the smell seemed to go from sweet to kind of gross like rotting garbage. It was weird.

I started to try and sneak past the open door so whoever was in there couldn’t hear me but I sure could hear them and that was when I realized the sounds coming out of that conference room were sexual. I heard a male voice saying “Yeah,” again and again and then another sound from another male voice. I realized then that there were at least two men in that room having sex with themselves or someone else I could not hear. I was almost past the door when I heard a loud sniffing noise, and more of that weird smell coming from the room, and then one of the men yelled out the F-word. And that’s when I tripped. I tried to fall as quietly as I could but when my right hand hit the floor it kind of twisted under me and it really hurt. I cried out and then was trying to get up as fast as I could so I could keep heading down the hall. I heard some scrambling from inside the dark conference room and then one of the men told the other one to shut up and be quiet.

And then the door opened behind me and I turned around and saw a young tall thin black man looking at me. I recognized the face but wasn’t sure of the name right away, but was pretty sure he was someone important. I told him I was just using the bathroom but knew I must have looked very embarrassed. He just stared at me for what seemed like forever. There was just enough light in that hall that I could see that his eyes were not really “right”. I thought he was probably drunk. Then his eyes seemed to suddenly clear up and become a lot more focused and he looked down at me and he gave a big smile. He asked me if I was ok. I looked down to his belt which was undone and I could see that his dress shirt was not tucked into his pants. When I looked back up at his face the smile was long gone. He looked really angry at me now. He asked me again if I was ok but he said it in a way that really spooked me. There was something in his voice that scared me. Really bad. And it was at that exact moment I finally recognized his face as the author and political candidate Barack Obama. I was just about to turn and walk as fast as I could out of the hallway when the door opened wider and another black man’s face poked out. He said, “What the F is going on B?” The guy I now recognized as Obama stepped all the way out of the hall and closed the door behind him, leaving the other man inside the conference room. He asked me again if I was all right. Now he was standing right over me. He smiled again and I noticed one of his front teeth seemed to have a chip in it, or it was a lot shorter than the other one. He must have had work done because the pictures of him today don’t show that. I don’t know why I noticed that so much or why it has stuck with me but it has. And his breath smelled really bad. It made me want to gag it was so bad. I told him I was fine and did a kind of half walk half run down the hall and back into the main lobby. I looked back right before I turned the corner and could make out Barack Obama still standing in the darkness of the hallway looking back at me. It was very very creepy.

I didn’t really make much out of it. I mentioned it in a joking way to some friends that I had interrupted some guys going at it in a conference room but never mentioned the name Obama when I did. Then I forgot about it pretty much until I was watching the news and saw that Obama was running for U.S. Senator. I figured whatever he was doing in his private life was his business though, and didn’t want to make any trouble for him. I actually agreed with his politics and voted for him. If he was gay or bisexual, I really could have cared less. Whatever issues he had with that were between him and his family and none of my business right? That’s how I felt. So I forgot all about what I saw on that night again. And I hardly thought of it when I heard Barack Obama was running for president.

That’s until I heard a news story coming from my television while I was making dinner. A man had been murdered. Shot numerous times at his home. I glanced up at the television and there was the now dead man’s face being shown. He looked older. Heavier. His hair was longer. But it was him. That was the same face that I had seen poke out from the conference room with Barack Obama about ten years earlier. The news report said he was a church choir conductor and school teacher. They didn’t mention it was the same church as Barack Obama. I found that out a short time later. Then I learned that another gay man from Obama’s church had been murdered about a month before. That is when I started to really freak out. I kept my mouth shut and didn’t say a word about what I had seen. Then I started to feel like I was being watched. I would see a car parked outside my apartment that wasn’t any of my neighbors. One time I caught a man staring at me from across the street as I was getting my mail. I worried I was losing my mind from way too much paranoia.

I have since moved away from Chicago. I have tried to forget all about what I saw, but it won’t leave my head. I’m scared. So now I’m telling you this. I have been reading your stuff and think that the way you are doing it is giving you enough protection to get out your information but also protecting you. So if you could do the same for me I would be very grateful. I need to tell this story, but I don’t want to be known for doing it. That scares me too much. So the same way you seem to protect yourself and your sources I am hoping you can do for me. I have to get this off my chest. Part of me says I should have said something sooner but another part of me says that maybe I would not be around today if I had done that. I know what I saw and I know what I heard. I know who I saw. Maybe it was some kind of phase he was going through at the time. Maybe he was experimenting with a different lifestyle. Maybe the death of that man was just a coincidence. I don’t know the answers to that. I just know what I know. I just know what I heard and saw. On that night I heard Barack Obama in that conference room with another man. I saw Barack Obama step out of that room with another man. I smelled what I think was some kind of drug they were using. And I know that the other man who was in that room with Barack Obama was murdered about ten years later shortly after Barack Obama declared he was running for President of the United States.”

“That is my story. I hope that you share it. If something happens to me now, you will know why.”

(ht/Ulsterman for connecting the dots and advancing the focus of the bigger more complicated picture-


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