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Desperate Obama Campaign- Threat against Obama, staged…..

November 21, 2011

Headline Story On Drudge, November 16th, 2011:

Here's the CHANGE I promised you- You never asked what that "change" was! Dummys!

All major media outlets are now reporting on an apparent attack directed at the Obama White House.  A high powered assault rifle is believed to have been used.  At present the primary suspect is Oscar Ortega-Hernandez.  MSNBC this morning took significant time in their reporting to indicate Ortega-Hernandez has a prominent “Israel” tatoo upon his neck.

Initial reports are indicating that a suspect or suspects fired at the White House, then left a gun on the ground while fleeing the scene. No reason has yet been given why the perpetrators of the shooting would leave a large assault rifle at the scene that would make it far easier for authorities to implicate them in the crime.

It is interesting to note that as soon as the story broke earlier this morning, comments poured in sympathetic to President Barack Obama – almost as if a group was at the ready prepared to manufacture those comments when given the order.

Let us now go to the words of Insider, spoken nearly one month ago, on the possibility of just such a scenario:


Insider: We have the first so-called Black president, right? What would be the extreme of the race-based re-election plan I told you about? The ace in the sleeve for this kind of program? Something that would make White America recoil at the thought of voting against this president? Make them feel just so very bad for this poor little doing the best he can it’s Bush’s fault president of ours?

Ulsterman: Riots? Race Riots?

Insider: No…that card will be played out sooner. And it’s too broad. They would need something much more…specific to Obama. The ultimate in a sympathy vote. And it’s been talked about. I assure you of that. These people are laying out every conceivable possibility to remain in power. Gettin’ real serious now…

Ulsterman: I don’t know.

Insider: All the ingredients are in place. Falling approval ratings. A big uptick in divisive racial talk…the GOP primary race gettin’ on, which has upped the anti-Obama rhetoric. Occupy Wall Street stuff. An aborted terrorist attack in America. The president crisscrossing the country talking the same old sh-t, except playing the victim card even more than before…don’t tell me for a second some of this isn’t all being played out for a very specific possibility. If needed, they will try and pull it off. I got no doubt about it now. None.

Ulsterman: So what is it? Pull what off?

Insider: A manufactured threat against the President of the United States. Something easily digested by the media and the American public. Not a real threat – something totally of their own making. They will use it if they need to – got no doubt whatsoever about that. Jarrett has approved the idea…and did so a long time ago. There were whispers of it during the 2008 campaign. McCain was so god-awful it never reached a serious consideration…but the plan was discussed. If needed – they were willing to go that route. It would be the ultimate use of the race card in the history of American politics. And…it would likely work if they got away with it.

Ulsterman: They would go that far? Risk something like that?

Insider: You don’t need to ask that question. Not after what we’ve discussed this past year. Not after what I’ve told you has proven out over and over again. So stop asking the fu—ing question. You need to accept the fact…if you haven’t done so yet – you need to accept the fact these people are playing for keeps. I told you – how many times? How many times have I said it? These are not Democrats. These folks are something else entirely. And they are willing to push the country – all of us, right against the fu—ing wall. Hard.



Media are now reporting the event of bullets apparently striking the exterior of the White House as an “assassination attempt” against President Obama. This despite the fact it was well known the Obamas were thousands of miles away from the White House at the time, and not due back for several more days.

These descriptions by the media, in addition to a seeming attempt to portray the shooter as some kind of Christian fanatic, gives yet further support for the plan initially outlined by Insider weeks earlier:

“A manufactured threat against the President of the United States. Something easily digested by the media and the American public. Not a real threat – something totally of their own making”. -Insider

And here is a media description of the event give by the Los Angeles Times:

A criminal complaint filed in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania states that Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, 21, “knowingly did attempt to kill the President of the United States.” The charge carries a maximum sentence of life in prison.

WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: “President Obama Gets Off On It”

(ht/Ulsterman: TG for your due diligence. We appreciate your work while we watch and wait for this malevolent foreigner and his wife to EXIT our White House…


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