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There Is A Very Uneasy Peace Between President Obama And The US Military.

December 1, 2011

Interview with the White House Insider:
A fascinating two-part interview with a longtime D.C. political operative discussing the inner workings of the Obama White House and both political parties as they prepare for the upcoming 2012 Presidential Election:


Ulsterman: If you don’t mind, I would like to do some simple topic association so that we might cover as much ground possible with the little time you have to speak with me today.

WH Insider: Sure – as long as you ask me about Eric Holder. That’s my focus right now. Everything else – and there’s a lot of it…but everything else is in limbo until after December 8th.

Ulsterman: Eric Holder it is then…

WH Insider: Pay attention. In a week or so. The hearing. That – we are reaching the-the moment of truth on Holder. What do we got now…almost 60 members – members of Congress calling for his resignation? And that’s just publicly. There are Democrats voicing the same uh…the same suggestion. I’ll say it to you again – you keep asking me about it, every time we talk so one more time for you…Eric Holder will no longer be Attorney General of the United States. That-that is – you’ll see that happen soon now. Very soon.

Ulsterman: When?

WH Insider: What? You asking me – like a day? A specific day? I don’t have that…

Ulsterman: Next month? Next year? When?

WH Insider: Soon. The hearing is in about a week, right? December? First week of December, right? In front of Judiciary. The Senate hearing went very well for us on this. You likely don’t understand all of that – all of the…it went well. That was among the most aggressive Senate hearings I’ve seen in a long time. You don’t get that from them very often. That was further proof that this thing won’t be put back in the barn. It’s out and it’s a problem that isn’t going away for this White House. And the cover-up…that’s there. It’s known. It’s been known. The rope was let out, over and over and they just kept taking it up. How did I put it to you months ago? “We got them.” Right? Something like that, right? Well – we got ‘em.

And let me say something else on this. Might seem to be stating the obvious to you here but I want to say it anyways. Eric Holder is about the most corrupt and…sinister – he’s the most sinister Attorney General this country has seen. Dangerous. He’s gone off the reservation all on his own from time to time. I used to believe everything came through certain people, or a certain person. But Holder has been running his own game on a lot of this stuff. He’ll be forced out and then…the-the…and then the American people are gonna start to hear what was going on at Justice. It won’t come out all at once. They are working to cover those tracks as we speak – but too many got the goods now. It’ll come out in drips and drabs. They’ll try to minimize the damage for ’12. It won’t work. Not entirely. We are seeing to that. That’s what they are bumping into right now you see. The political liability that Holder has become. Back in 2010, they thought they could ride it out. Delay. Bury it. Move one. And they have been somewhat successful, but the information is getting out, and enough in Congress know they have to act on it or get their own fingers caught up in the machine. That was seen during the Senate hearing – but that hearing was intended to set up for Judiciary coming up. And after that…we got the foundation in place to force out a United States Attorney General. I wasn’t privy to all of that until just recently. Suspected it. Had it figured. Now it’s been confirmed. What we are waiting on with this now is the on-the-record condemnation of Eric Holder from Democrats. We have it off the record – but now we need it to go public. Then the endgame is there. This part of the plan is nearly done.

Ulsterman: Jarrett vs Daley

WH Insider: There is no “Jarrett vs Daley”. She is out of her league. I told you there would be a prominent staff departure, right. You recall that, right? That departure would be a-a signal. A message that all bets are off if you will. This White House is on its own. Daley kept a lot of sh-t at bay. Kept it controlled. The little tit for tat sh-t with his announced departure followed up by them stripping him of his duties – whatever. They got nothing. Nothing on Daley. They are so outmatched with that. You see the media attacks against the administration since Daley announced his leaving? You notice that? The signal was sent out and now it’s on for this White House. There’s gonna still be the ass-kissers. The guys hedging their bets. Hell, there was a time I was counted among them – but more and more are reaching the same conclusion I did last year – this damn administration has got to go. This White House is…it’s as bad as – no, it’s worse than the detractors can think it. Godd-mn dangerous is what it is. For all of us.

Ulsterman: Be more specific please. Are you referring to something recent? If so – be specific.

WH Insider: Specific? Yeah – it’s specific. A whole sh-tload of specific. Where to start? You want a line on the military angle. Afghanistan? Iraq? How about the super-committee boondoggle? How about that? The blow up over that? Inside the party? All of that is swirling around – but my focus…right now it’s Eric Holder. It’s Issa and others pushing this thing to its necessary conclusion. For now everything else is distraction. And that’s about all this administration has left – they sure as hell don’t lead do they? It’s distract-distract-distract. You know how frustrating it is to be working against the same damn tactics you’ve used yourself for years during how many campaigns now? I am fighting against my own godd-mn playbook!

Ulsterman: How about the super-committee? Tell me a little about what went on with that. It certainly appeared the administration wanted it to fail.

WH Insider: Want…didn’t want. It’s not even that. It’s like they didn’t even care. What did the president do when the deadline was coming down? He left the country. He went golfing, gave a few more speeches, said Hawaii was in f**king Asia, right? Shoulda been a Dan Quayle moment for him – another one. But the media…enough of them still carrying the godd-mn water for these people. Whatever. Enough heard about it. But it gets old doesn’t it? How many gaffes the man makes? How many times he reveals to the world what a fool he is? But there are still people saying he’s a smart guy. I’m telling you – seen it up close. Barack Obama isn’t smart. Arrogant. Immature. Naïve. Lazy. You bet – but he ain’t smart.

Ulsterman: Back to the super-committee…what happened with that? The “boondoggle” as you put it?

WH Insider: That mess actually feeds right into some of the other stuff…Afghanistan,Iraq – the military. The fractured relationship that exists between this White House and the military. All the way up to the Joint Chiefs apparently. Some of them boys are extremely pissed off at this president. If not for their devotion to a code of conduct…he’s not a popular guy.

Ulsterman: That’s both repetitive and obvious. Back to the super-committee – what happened? Are the rumors it was intended to fail true?

WH Insider: You just put me down? Did you – did you just call me boring? (laughs)

Ulsterman: Let’s focus on the super-committee…the allegations of intentional failure floating around.

WH Insider: Sure…intentional. I think that intent was coming more from the Democratic leadership. Not so much the White House. Now I’m not saying the White House isn’t happy it broke apart – that scenario fits in with the “run against Congress” thing the re-election crew has come up with. Harry Truman reborn or whatever the hell they think they are gonna pull off. Sure as hell can’t run on Barack Obama’s incompetence and total f-ckuppery now can they? It’s just the White House doesn’t have much direct input to Congress these days. Been that way for some time actually.

But that committee, yeah, it was doomed at the outset. The Dems…not all of them – the leadership…they want to cut defense and this committee was an ends to go and do that you see. Create the mandatory cuts legislation that was part of the deal a few months back. So those Dems get the cuts – the president gets his do-nothing Congress campaign theme, and the Republicans get the blame because the media keeps calling it the “Republican Congress” right? That tagline has been in play all year long.

Where it got interesting though from an in-house standpoint, is the couple gentlemen who went to the leadership with a plan – a bi-partisan plan, to work it all out. And each of them had support from their own parties – maybe 60-70 or so other members who indicated their support. There were some folks in Congress who actually wanted to get something done on this. And that’s been the case all along. How many bills have been stalled in the Senate since 2010? Hundreds. The Republicans and some Democrats are sending things over from the House and Reid is trashing them. And the guy who has plans to replace Reid as the Democratic Party leader in the Senate – John Kerry. The Kerry office in fact is responsible for more of the anti-bipartisan tone than Reid. So Kerry was the guy making certain the super-committee fell on its ass. He is among the Dems who are still very loyal to the Obama White House. There isn’t so many of them these days, but they hold the positions of power, so their influence remains strong.

LURCH strikes again...

Back to these two gentlemen though – these two junior members of Congress. They tried repeatedly to meet with the Democratic Party leadership and were brushed off. At one point they finally accused a staff member from a certain high ranking Democrat’s office of purposely setting up the negotiations to fail. This staff member confirmed that was exactly what was happening and they would be better of just “shutting up and following orders.” Now that pretty much sums up the attitude within the party right there. Shut up and follow orders. That was exactly how the Obamacare votes went down. Shut up and follow orders and we lost a whole slew of good people in the 2010 elections because of it. But that right there isn’t even the real meat of this little story. When the staff member was pressed on why…when the two Congressmen asked if the president was aware the committee’s intent to fail may push the country on the brink of another credit downgrade, this little sh-t of a staff member said the following – in these exact words:

The President knows what we want him to know and nothing more. That works fine for him and that works even better for us. He doesn’t return our calls and we don’t return his.

Those exact words. So what we have is a small group of Congressional Democrats – the leadership, completely dismissing the obligation to working with the President of the United States and that same president, who also happens to be a Democrat as well, completely dismissing the obligation to work with Congress. Now to someone uninformed, that might not seem like much. Big deal, huh? Well, it’s a very big deal. It’s a very dangerous situation. It’s why the military boys are now coming out on record and criticizing a sitting Commander in Chief. If those mandatory cuts go into effect, which will decimate the military budget, that puts the country at increased risk. Look at the godd-mn world – it’s on fire right now! This country isn’t feared. It isn’t respected. In just three short years President Obama has made the United States a fu—ing joke to the world. Russia…Putin – the guy mocks us. China is buying us up one treasury sale at a time. Iran tells us to f-ck off every day of the week. Iraq pushes us out. We spent a trillion or two over there – how many lives, and they tell us to get the f-ck out. Germany…they think we are just about through. Do you know that? The chatter coming out from Germany – they think America is about ready to collapse. They’re just deciding whether or not to intervene or let it happen. 50/50 they say. Maybe one – maybe the other. Share what’s left with China.

Now these two gentlemen make their way to the Republican leadership. Get a meeting there – not just some staff member brush off. They are told nothing can be done at this point until after the elections. The Republicans seem to think they are gonna win the Senate and all will be better. Poor dumb bastards that they are, right? But at least they recognize the problem – which is sure as hell a lot more than the Democratic leadership is doing these days. Those people are the problem. And we got a movement from within the Democratic Party to take it back if you will. A moderate movement going against the progressives – the f-cking progressives who have all but destroyed the party over the last decade. We’ve always had our oddballs – our far lefters – no different than the Republicans got their crazies too, but you don’t give them the leadership. You don’t make them the face of the party. But that’s what happened. All of that anti-Bush hysteria…the barbarians took the gate and we are just now realizing they ran as Democrats—

Ulsterman: (Interrupts) —Who was the military – you said someone in the military openly criticized the president? Who was that? Was this recently?

WH Insider: Now you see, that’s part of the problem. You should have known about this – spotted it right away. I’m not blaming you – but the example is…it’s – what’s the word here…it’s indicative of how the real stories are getting buried in the bullsh-t of the mainstream. It’s why we set this thing up here. Get it out and hope it percolates and eventually goes mainstream, right? I get to share things here I can’t share publicly.

Ulsterman: Who in the military criticized the president? Openly?

Panetta and Joint Chiefs

WH Insider: Joint Chiefs. The very top. And he wouldn’t speak for himself – that’s not how the CoC works in a situation like this. When he spoke – he spoke for the United States military. And he spoke out against the administration and what is happening to our Armed Forces around the world.

Ulsterman: What was said?

WH Insider: I don’t recall the word-for-word of it but the gist was this – that the relationship between the United States and Pakistan has never been worse than it is today. And that indicates it has never been more dangerous. Pakistan – you wrote something on this right? Pakistan is a nuclear power. Very unstable. The same radical Muslims who are overtaking Egypt,Libya, and elsewhere have their sites set on Pakistan. Push out the military junta replace it with a hardline Muslim fundamentalist government – only this time, those Muslims will have the bomb.

When the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff goes on record indicating the situation in Pakistan– and by default then you gotta say Afghanistan as well…that it’s the most f-cked up it’s ever been – that’s about as strong a rebuke of a current presidential administration as you’re gonna get from a member of the military at that high of a level. And don’t forget – there have been other examples of the military speaking out against this White House. There is a very uneasy peace between President Obama and the military. And a hell of a lot of mistrust – on both sides. Dempsey was just recently appointed Chairman, but he was in there for a spell before that. He knows damn well what’s going on – and I am told Obama had far less to do with Dempsey being made Chairman than Leon Panetta. And it’s been Panetta who has been letting off the loudest warnings about slashing the military budget at this time, right? And it was Panetta who oversaw the Bin Laden killing – not Barack Obama, right? Dempsey has been warning about the possible military cuts for months now…anyone want to argue none of this is related they can have at it. I’m not gonna play that kind of dumb though. At least not anymore. I am convinced there are forces at play here far more powerful than our little song and dance political warfare we got going here. I just pray to God that if things break against us, these people are on our side.

PART TWO COMING SOON: Insider speaks on Occupy Wall Street, the alleged and possibly staged “assassination attempt”, more on Obama’s race-war political agenda, and the GOP primary race.

NOTE: The Eric Holder Fast and Furious Congressional Hearing is scheduled for December 8th, 2011.


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