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WHITE HOUSE INSIDER ON OBAMA: I’d Kick His Ass Into The F-cking Dirt…

December 5, 2011

The second part of our most recent interview with a longtime D.C. political operative…

Ulsterman: The Occupy protests – they appear to be dying down. Will they have any kind of influence on the 2012 Election?

Insider: You say they are dying down – I say the last few months were a test run. Just like all the racist bullsh-t that came out late summer. The “Blacks hanging from trees” and the president telling Blacks to mobilize – all that was proof of what I told you about the race politics that are coming. But those examples…the race stuff, the Occupy stuff…those were just practice tests for what could be coming by next summer. You got media people sayin’ it. “Most brutal campaign ever” – they know what’s coming. Some of them. They know how far this administration is gonna push to stay in power. And it’s not so much Barack Obama that’s doing the pushing. He’s out in front sure – but he’s got some strong motherfu–ers pushing him in the back. Big money interests. They doubled down on this investment, and they ain’t gonna just get up from the poker table, right? I’ve been at this for a long-long time…seen all kinds of sh-t that would make people wonder what the hell happened to this country…but all that time – all those years – the kinds of people Barack Obama got shoving him to move ahead – keep the pressure on…they have always scared the sh-t outta me. Past administrations…there has always been this element in our politics. The most dubious of special interests. That may be a piss-poor description of what they are, but lets call it that for now. They’ve always been around. Here and there. But this administration – the Obama White House…these people ARE the administration. They ain’t just “here and there” – they are IT. They created Barack Obama and they will use that creation to the very end. And don’t ask me what that end is, ’cause I don’t have a fu–ing clue.

Ulsterman: That’s all rather mysterious – a bit dramatic don’t you think? Who are these people? And what’s their motivation?

Insider: Dramatic? Yeah…it’s “a bit dramatic”. How many times I tell you something – I see your head shaking even when it’s not. Don’t think I don’t see that. And then what? Sure as sh-t then what? It happens. There are powers at play here – always been these powers, but with this administration it’s just a matter of perspective. And it ain’t a Democrat or a Republican problem – these interests, these “investors”… are attached to either party. Don’t matter, really. The difference has always been if the president and his staff had the willpower to withstand the pressures that can be applied by these investors. Some do – some don’t. Barack Obama…his staff, the thing is…some of them were these interests I’m telling you about. At least extensions of them. And they are the most radicalized versions. And I’m not talking about some moron like Bill Ayers. Examples like that are cartoon distractions.

Ulsterman: A specific example would help. Of one of these “investors” as you just called them.

Insider: You interviewed one. Recently. -Name withheld-. They got a whole lot of everything they ain’t telling you. Beneath all that good manners and “call him the president” bullsh-t. Shaking hands with Reagan? Yeah…bit more to it than that. I ain’t saying the Occupy thing didn’t shake ‘em up – that seemed genuine. And the years might be catching up to them…but you wanna get an idea of what I’m telling you about right now – you go look them up again. They’ll read this – they read every word of this. You see if they’ll talk to you about it. These kinds of people – I’ve always been on the outside looking in. You talk to them – you’re on the inside looking out.

Ulsterman: -Name Withheld-? You sent me to them…that was your doing. I was under the impression you were working together – defeating Barack Obama. Right?

Insider: Yeah – that’s right. Look…you go – you go talk to them about this. If they give you an honest…they want to talk about it. I am pretty sure of that. So you go try and talk to them. I don’t wanna be talking for them because frankly I ain’t fu–ing qualified to do that. Those kind of people and me – we ain’t fallin’ from the same tree. When you get that deep into the machine…it’s outta my league. Those are deep waters and I ain’t that strong a swimmer. You go talk to -name withheld-. They like you – you’ll get the sit-down.

Ulsterman: They left New York….

Insider: I don’t know if they actually left – but if they did, they’re back. Been back for a while. They’ll read this. You contact them – they’ll know it’s coming. They are opposed to Barack Obama – don’t question that. It’s a war that kinda floats above our heads…or maybe below our feet. That might be more appropriate – right? (laughs) It’s all the stuff you never see or hear about – the things that take place just outside the perimeters of American politics. Always has. Always will. I’ve had to deal with that world – but I don’t live in it. It always intimidated me. Big time. Presidents…I’ve hinted at this to you before. As powerful as they are – as potentially influential as they can be…they can have their chain jerked by these kinds of people. Bill Clinton? He knows. Very-very well. That Global Initiative of his…that…that…(long pause) Bush? He found out. Same people who invested in his daddy – they didn’t get their second term, so he was to finally provide a return on their investment. Your boy Reagan – he dealt with these fu–ers. He navigated around them as well as anyone. That’s the key for a president you see. Navigating around them. Like a big slow moving ship. You navigate around them or you sink. These sons-a-b-tches will sink a president if they need to.

This stuff – it’s gettin’ us off track here. You reach out to -name withheld-. Talk to them about this. The time we got left here – focus on Obama. Right? Maybe some day after 2012 if I’m still above ground – we can talk more about this kind of thing. Over a couple a cold ones. Do some fishing…

Ulsterman: How about the shooting? The guy who shot at the White House? You knew that was going happen – you called it.

Insider: No-no-no-no…I didn’t know specifically about that. You’re gonna get me in trouble putting it that way. I told you there would be a staged threat – or that there was talk of it. Strategically. It had been discussed as a stratagey back in ’08, and it was on the table for ’12. That shooting – c’mon…I watched that play out and it reeks of a con-job doesn’t it? That’s what kills me about these people – the Obama operatives. They are so fu–ing predictable and incompetent. They got a picture of this guy – he’s posing for f-cks sake. They run with the anti-Israeli thing. All bullsh-t. They got the gun, right? Just left at the scene? Bullets that hit the “residence”? Really? C’mon now. The story hits, circulates for what – about 72 hours, right? Then disappears. That 72-hour thing – I’ve used that time frame before, right? Wanna know why? 72 hours – it’s a classic news cycle test run. The right amount of time to measure public response…for something to use down the road.

That shooting – they called it an “assassination attempt” right? That was not the incident I told – I said… that’s being planned. It was a planned incident – it’s not THE planned incident? See? You follow me there? A trial balloon. Just like the Occupy stuff. Just like the end of summer racist stuff. The waters are being tested. I know it. Absolutely know it. I worked with some of these people. I know how they operate – I know what they are doing here. They are clumsy though – easy to spot. But if they get enough media…enough favorable media coverage – they will allowed to be sloppy as long as it fits with the pre-determined outcome. The hoped for outcome. For them anyway.

Ulsterman: Which is what? What outcome?

Insider: Barack Obama wins ’12. He gets his second term…the stuff that’s gone on now, recently…practice round. The real deal will go down much closer to the election. They got a file – battle plan against Romney. The race angle. That race card will work alongside the Occupy stuff. Divide the country up with race and class. They are going all-in on that. It’s all they got. Can’t run on Obama’s record, right? So they gotta push the race and class agenda full time. Big time.

Ulsterman: A Romney file?

Insider: A file – a plan. They have spent resources – big money already, preparing to run against Romney. He is their preferred opponent. Not so much because they think he’s the easiest to defeat but because they have been preparing for him for the last year now. The Mormon thing, the racism angle – they think they can cripple the Romney team with it. I don’t know how specifically – but there is a lot of confidence coming from the Obama team regarding Romney. He’s the one they’ve been working up.

Ulsterman: What about Gingrich? You made it clear I needed to watch Gingrich – and since then he has risen in the polls. He’s leading in some of those polls. How did you know? And would he be a stronger candidate against Obama than would Romney?

Insider: I didn ‘t know Gingrich was gonna rise so quickly – but there was some localized polling out there showing people were paying more attention to him. They liked the debates – his performance in those debates. The idea of seeing him go against Barack Obama…that appeals to a lot of people, right? It’s still early – Iowa is soon, but overall, it’s still very early. But Gingrich has the Obama campaign scrambling a bit – that’s for sure. Do I wanna see Newt Gingrich as President of the United States? F-ck no I don’t. He is an arrogant pr-ck. I’ve told him that to his face back…hell, a lifetime ago now it seems. The guy has been in D.C. for what? 30-40 years? But could he defeat Barack Obama? Maybe. And if he’s the GOP nominee, I’ll do everything I can to help him do just that. 2012 isn’t about Democrat vs Republican for me – for a lot of us. It’s about…I’m gonna come off as a bit off the rocker here…it’s about good vs evil. America vs something else. Barack Obama ain’t evil…he’s to stupid to be called that. But the ideas behind Barack Obama…the ones who created Barack Obama…I think they just might be. I used to think the Bush administration was the most corrupt, incompetent administration we’ve ever seen…oh my was I off on that. Obama? Sh-t…Bush got nothin’ on Barack Obama.

Ulsterman: If you could choose the Republican nominee – the one you think has the best chance of defeating Barack Obama, who would it be? Romney or Gingrich?

Insider: I feel more comfortable with Mitt Romney. I appreciate the organization of his campaign. I appreciate the discipline of the candidate. And that’s what it’s gonna take – incredible organization and a candidate who can stay on message and hold up to the attacks – it’s gonna be brutal, right? That word again – BRUTAL. And whoever is going up against Barack Obama has to be able to hold up to that. I have my doubts Newt Gingrich can do that. He has a stubborn streak – always has…he don’t always listen to the people around him who might know better.

Ulsterman: You mean he isn’t as controllable? Isn’t that what you’re really saying? That people like you can more easily control a candidate like Mitt Romney than they could a candidate like Newt Gingrich? You have spoken of the organization of the Romney campaign a number of times before – which means he has people like you around him – political operatives, and so you are gravitating to that kind of campaign because it’s what you know. You’re more comfortable with that. Or perhaps you’re on the payroll. The Romney payroll?

Insider: Well ain’t that just a nice pile of sh-t you just spread out there? (laughs) It’s just what I told you – the Romney campaign is very well organized. That kind of organization goes a long way to winning a national election. That means he has the better chance of defeating the Obama campaign machine. That’s it. Don’t go reading anything more into it than that. My preference would be to see a proper Democrat running for president, but we don’t have that, do we? So I’m working to see the Republican defeat Barack Obama. If it’s Mitt Romney – great. If it’s Newt Gingrich…ok, so be it. Not my ideal candidate…and what a strange fu–ing trip it’s been to even be considering working to elect him…but I’ll do that if it means preventing Barack Obama from another four years as President of the United States. The country can survive Newt Gingrich. I don’t know if it can survive Barack Obama. No…that’s not right. I KNOW America can’t survive Barack Obama. I’ve shared that with you already.

Ulsterman: Let’s talk about Barack Obama. End it on that. Specifically – if you came across him today. Just you and him. What would you say to him? Is there any hope he can be convinced of what he is doing to the country is wrong? It’s just you and President Obama. You helped get him elected. Now you are working to defeat him. If you could say anything that might convince him to change direction, politically change direction – what would it be?

Insider: That’s one of the dumbest questions you’ve…asinine – ever asked me. No disrespect son – but-but-but… c’mon.

Ulsterman: Maybe it is – but humor me.

Insider: Humor? Nothin’ too funny about any of this. Nothin’…I got nothin’ to say to Barack Obama. Except mayby-maybe…he can get the f-ck out. He won’t listen to the likes of me. He listens to – he has just a few people who get through to him and that’s the problem, right? Those people…this country has never had that kind of extremism in the White House before. Least not in our lifetimes.

Ulsterman: It’s just you and the president though. You’ve made a lot of money over the years giving advice. Consulting. So what would you say to him? Call it a long-shot – but if given the opportunity now to change his mind – what would you say?

Insider: (Long pause)…ain’t nothin’ you could say to a guy like that. You know…growing up…we’ve all – most of us…we’ve had our ass kicked into the dirt right? At least we used to. My generation certainly. That was just part of-of it. Right? Growing up. You…sometimes you disagreed with a guy and there was no time for talking you just…you just – you let those dogs bark for a bit. And sometimes you came out of it – you got the better of the other guy, and sometimes you got your ass kicked into the dirt. And there’s a helluva lot of learning from those moments. Helps make a man of you. Sometimes you know – a fist to your face…your ass in the dirt…it humbles you, right? You-you-you… learn that life ain’t always gonna cut your way. You can lose. And it hurts – fu–ing literally hurts. That’s life. Life don’t owe you nothin’ and sometimes it might just kick your ass in the dirt.

Barack Obama ain’t ever learned that lesson. He’s been told since day one – been told life owes him something. Been told he’s special. Been told America is all wrong, that it needs to be changed up. Not just improved – hell, I would be the first to say it could be improved. No, Obama’s been told it needs to be…what did his wife say? America needs to be transformed? Right? Something like that? He never had to work to be where he is. Never had to…his grandparents spoiled the sh-t out of him. Colleges spoiled the sh-t out of him. Such a bright young man, right? What did Biden say about that? He speaks well and is “clean”? Jes-s H. Chr-st. That’s been Obama’s M.O. his whole life! The well spoken Black guy. Tellin’ him he’s smart. He deserves success. Jarrett sniffs his potential and gives him opportunity – just hands it to him. Those Chicago people, they mark him as their guy. More is given to him. A house. A campaign. The guy was fast-tracked all the way. Jack Kennedy was given a sh-tload of privilege but he also got his back broke up to sh-t in WWII. He at least knew something about sacrifice. Not Obama. Not ever. What has he sacrificed? Nothing. He’s been told what to think, what to say – and that is what is happening in the White House. Since day one. When the campaign ended in 2008 – anyone paying attention, anyone around the administration began to realize the guy can’t function without being told what to think and what to say. And as long as what is being told to him is that he is great…that this country f-cking owes him something…he’s ok with…he’s ok with it.

Ulsterman: So what would you say? How would you improve – what would you do or say to improve that situation you just layed out?

Insider: I’d kick his ass into the f-cking dirt…