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Leo Gerard – The Man Who Controls The Obama Agenda

December 20, 2011

In a fiery 2009 speech, international labor leader Leo Gerard takes aim at the Canadian Prime Minister – the very same man who helped forge Barack Obama’s national political career in 2004 and whose Blue-Green Alliance organization has been the most frequent guest of the Obama White House. This is Leo Gerard – the true domestic and international power behind the Obama presidency, the man who has initiated presidential involvement on his behalf not only within America, but in such countries as Brazil, Mexico, Germany, and Australia – including the use of the American military to do so.

Canadian Union Activist Leo Girard advisor to Obama's Socialist agenda

Here is a brief summary of what Gerard declares in this video – and remember, he is among the most frequent visitors to the Obama White House: -He is a “Social Democrat” – this political organization is described as the largest socialism group in the world whose primary goal is to replace capitalism with a government-controlled economy that focuses on wealth re-distribution and social justice – and the abolishing of private owned business.

-The environmental movement is a means to force the rise of socialism and the death of capitalism. -The teacher’s union is a primary partner to ensure the education of children to be used to further promote the socialist agenda.

-Discloses himself as a primary architect of the Obama healthcare reform – and calls those who opposed it “right-wing nuts” and “redneck jerk-offs”.

-The United Steelworkers Union is a socialist organization.

Please take the time to watch the following video link – this may very well be the true power behind the Obama administration’s plan to initiate a political/economic revolution within the United States.  And if you think that is an exaggeration, you would do well to remember that Obamacare has already been passed, privacy laws are under attack, attempts to thwart the 2nd Amendment are aggressively underway, and TRILLIONS of taxpayer dollars have been sent to support such far left organizations as labor unions and the Blue-Green Alliance agenda:


commentator Nell’s remark re: Leo Girard

Leo W. Gerard is a Canadian citizen. The USW represents steelworkers in more than one country (US and Canada) so the executives don’t need to be US citizens.

However,,WE (all of us) can make one heck of s STINK that a foreign national is a paid advisor to an American President on NATIONAL issues. Do not know if there are any protocols, regulations or laws requiring that American Citizens be THE Advisors to a US President, but having a foreign national certainly makes one heck of a sound bite and campaign noise.

We need to write to the leading Repub. candidates and BRIEFLY out line who and what Gerard is, and then forcefully ask why a Foreign national is advising a US President on National domestic issues We need to push that out to make a STINK!!!

Once again Ulsterman, you hit it out of the park. Your crack research is unequaled anywhere. Thanks for the heads up!


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