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Under the Radar – Eric Holder Takes On Texas

January 9, 2012

As mounting pressure shakes the foundations of Obama Attorney General Eric Holder’s tenure at the Department of Justice, Holder moves ahead with plans to implement openly divisive racial profiling of Texas voting districts in order to favor Democrats.

Hows that finger pointing going for ya, ERIC?

Kudos to the Wall Street Journal for its excellent coverage of Eric Holder and the Democratic Party’s plan to directly influence the political balance of power within Texas – a state that often leads the charge against the imperial dominance of centralized government that is Washington D.C.


Attorney General Eric Holder is on a legal roll against the 50 states, and 2012 will be the year the courts rule on some of his federal power plays. The first big test comes today when the Supreme Court hears oral arguments in Mr. Holder’s challenge to Texas’s Congressional redistricting plan. This could be educational.

…Enter Mr. Holder’s Justice Department, which insists that Texas must add more minority-dominated districts to take account of a growing Hispanic population. Civil-rights groups like the NAACP claim that at least three of the four new districts should be minority districts.

In Texas, the federal district court’s intervention goes beyond merely looking at minority representation. Instead of deferring to the maps drawn by lawmakers or making specifically tailored adjustments, the court changed the boundaries of all 36Congressional districts despite no legal finding of wrongdoing by the legislature’s map-makers.

Texas appears intent on waging a strong challenge against Holder’s Department of Justice, and may find itself a formidable ally in the form of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who in 1994 made clear his disdain for such racial profiling redistricting attempts:

…few devices could be better designed to exacerbate racial tensions than the consciously segregated districting system currently being constructed in the name of the Voting Rights Act. . . . Our drive to segregate political districts by race can only serve to deepen racial divisions by destroying any need for voters or candidates to build bridges between racial groups or to form voting coalitions.

Anyone else think the country would be in far better condition were there more judges with the conservative-leaning outlook of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas?

Thanks once again ULSTERMAN for keeping your eyes and ears…OPEN!   For telling US what is going on around US..

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