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Obama Campaign Treats Own Supporters Like Complete Idiots

April 7, 2012


After Easter Brunch, it’s back to work-
There’s NO Rest for US…

Yesterday the Obama re-election campaign issued a statement to its supporters calling out Mitt Romney for having joined up with the RNC in a move that would allow the Romney campaign to raise considerably the per-donation limit. Problem is – the Obama campaign did the very same thing over a year ago.

A quick word to Obama supporters – almost every single message you receive from the Obama campaign is a lie or at best, a terribly twisted and manipulative version of their truth. No more clear an example of this can be seen than a message sent out to Obama supporters this week from Rufus Gifford, the Obama campaign finance chairman:

Here we go — Romney, the Republican National Committee, and Republican state parties just announced they’ll begin raising money together.

Just like that, Romney’s donors can give $75,800 — a significant boost from the $5,000 max they could give last week.
We’re not going to get a clearer sign that this election is on.

The memo from the Obama campaign would suggest that what Mitt Romney and the RNC is doing is somehow illegitimate, or pushing the acceptable boundaries of campaign fundraising laws. AH – but what Mr. Rufus Gifford neglected to share with all of those Obama supporters is the very same exact program the Obama campaign set up over a year ago – the very same program Barack Obama is now waging complaints against the Romney campaign for utilizing.

President Obama’s reelection team has launched an invigorated effort to draw money from wealthy donors, buttressing the campaign against a potential decline in contributions from the everyday supporters who helped fuel his massive take in 2008.
A new program called Presidential Partners asks supporters to commit $75,800 to the Obama Victory Fund, a joint project of the campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

The truth of the complete hypocrisy of Barack Obama and his re-election campaign is right their in their own words. For nearly a year Barack Obama has been utilizing a joint effort with the DNC to raise the contribution limit to $75,000 – an effort the campaign named “Presidential Partners”. And yet, when Mitt Romney and the RNC are just now announcing they will be utilizing the same exact program as Barack Obama has for the past year, the Obama campaign indicates to its supporters that the Romney campaign is doing something unfair.

And here is perhaps the most pertinent point in all of this – Barack Obama is counting on his supporters being too stupid to care. Just keep sending in those checks folks – don’t pay attention to facts because facts don’t count in the Age of Obama.

Hope -n- Change.

Lies -n- Deception.

Two sides of the same Obama coin…



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