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Obama Tweets: No Red or Blue States…Barack States!

May 2, 2012

Last night, President Obama’s campaign Twitter feed posted the following tweet:


In other words, there are no red or blue states … just the Obama States. You have to love the narcissism of a president who posts a picture of himself at the center of America, presenting himself as greater than the country, all of which is united under his hopey-changey administration.

This is 1984-type stuff. This is the most polarizing president in American history, and he’s busy telling us that we’re all united under his auspices. War is peace. Poverty is wealth. Polarization is unity. United States is Barack States.

putthehammerdown says:

“What is insulting to this writer is that Barry lies with impunity, knows that ‘Boobus Americanis’ has the memory of a fruit fly and hence,gets away with double talk in record time(s). His house propagandists {aka: The SCUM} do no follow up, continually mis-state or outright lie about his meager ‘accomplishments’, and chirp in unison to anything this Narcissist utters.
Insulting? Let us consider the uncounted unemployed who have dropped out of even attempting to find a job, due to the breathtakingly insane “economic” policies of this rank rube and his sycophants. What has Barry reached across the aisle and Stimulated lately?

Ask any banker/credit union ceo you can reach why lending is at a standstill. It’s called ‘Dodd-Frank’ and ‘the unknown edicts, yet to come.’

You ask if conservatives ‘… have no wordsmiths or artists…”?
Tad McCotter. Mark Steyn. Charles Krauthammer. P. J. O’Rourke. Bastiat……for starters.


WHI: “Ain’t I Just The Best President Ever?”

A brief (and unexpected!) message just received from a longtime D.C. political operative regarding the soon to take place President Obama national address from Afghanistan on the eve of the one year anniversary of the Osama Bin Laden military mission indicating further dishonesty and deception from the Obama White House. Here is that message:

I don’t have time to answer all your questions.  Will just focus on the matter at hand and that is the president’s trip to Afghanistan.  What everyone is now calling the “spiking of the football”.  You ask me if that is an accurate description.  Hell yes that’s an accurate description.  That is exactly what he is doing and it’s been in the works for quite some time.  The irony is he’s such a pansy ass little -expletive- he wouldn’t know the first thing about playing football now would he?  And he’s gonna spike that football right into the faces of the military who actually carried out the mission that was developed by Panetta and others without the direct knowledge of this -expletive- absentee president.

What you’re gonna likely see coming out of the mouths of the media elites who support the president is the explanation of the trip along the lines of Obama being invited by Karzai.  NOT TRUE.

The administration reached out to the Karzai people at least 3 months ago on this to inform them the president would be coming to mark the Bin Laden anniversary.  The little agreement pact or whatever they are calling it is a political ruse.  Typical stuff.  This administration isn’t too good at keeping their mouths shut about it though.

The Karzai regime was told to play nice and let the president have his moment. Karzai needs American money and at least some American military presence to ensure his own safety. If those two items are removed he either gets his ass out of Afghanistan or he’s dead within a month. He is hated by some rather powerful tribal forces who are far more hardcore with the Muslim jihad thing than he is. They see him as a propped up pro-Western World political whore.

They’re right of course. He always has been. The difference now is that Barack Obama is willing to -expletive- right up the ass without a moments hesitation if he don’t play ball with his re-election goals. Not play ball with American military interests. Obama don’t care about that. Or he only cares as much as those interests protect his own re-election campaign. He really needs that second term to finish the job and ensure the real money rolls in for him after the fact. Remember the one term/two term study they did for him a while back I told you about? That thing stuck and Obama and those closest to him want their full payday and that comes with a second term.

So when Obama’s trap opens up tonight as he addresses the nation and the world, just know that he forced Karzai to let him show up there. That meet up will only make Karzai that much more hated by certain groups in Afghanistan, and therefore that much more at risk when the Americans finally pull out for good, which I also hear Obama’s people want to happen about a month before the vote in November with a lot more “ain’t I just the best president ever” stuff to go along with it.

Sidenote for you. The old man is doing a little better and I gotta give him some real credit. His work has been outstanding in evening out the playing field. Hope he can stick around because if we pull this off, he deserves a hell of a lot of gratitude from the country. I don’t know how many resources and favors he’s used up in the last few months but it’s gotta be off the chart stuff that you or I can only dream of.

You’ll see him again. I’m pretty confident of that.

I know I keep promising a sit down with you but the schedule just keeps filling up for me. Will be in touch though. Def. want to have a talk soon. Will make it happen.

And you’re doing good work. Keep at it. Your efforts are getting noticed and I may not say it enough. Have I ever? I do appreciate it.

P.S. Yeah I listened to the link. You got a woman reading for me? You’re an -expletive- but I did enjoy it.

Thanks again Ulsterman for having a reliable source with a pulse on the goings on at the Obama WH and never failing to be first on the scene reporting the HORROR of it all to US-  God Bless!

  1. May 2, 2012 3:34 pm

    Love Tad McCotter and Mark Steyn! Did the Obama campaign release that image above with him in the middle of the US?! If so narcissism might be an understatement.

    The media are Obama’s royal court, laughing at his unfunny jokes (WHCD), applauding his non-accomplishments.

  2. pamelaofthepoconos permalink
    May 3, 2012 8:57 am

    The twitterpic is outrageous. I’d not ‘heard’ of it. Actually, everything about this man and his support staff is outrageous. Sure hope we do not have four more of this affliction.

  3. May 3, 2012 10:48 am

    Hi Pamela

    Breitbart captured the tweet and the twitterpic-

    Someone had to be paid handsomely by the Obama campaign for the creation of h/is/er intricately styled art work.. Who else would commission a work of art promoting Obama’s non-existent popularity?

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