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Netenyahu Consolidates Power – Military Strikes Against Iran To Follow?

May 8, 2012

“That pathetic, preening political abortion that now holds the title of President of the United States!  What he asks of Israel…for HIS re-election? ”  -Wall Street Insider

When President Barack Obama met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu two months ago, both sides put on an outward show of unity, but behind the scenes reports indicated the meeting ended with a petulant Obama unhappy with Netanyahu’s unwillingness to compromise the safety of Israel by agreeing to delay any attempts against Iran until after the American presidential election.  Whatever form and substance that came with Barack Obama’s demands of Israel were apparently insulting enough to Israelis to motivate normally opposing political parties to now unite behind the Netanyahu government.
In that context, here is an earlier interview from March of this year with Wall Street Insider that focused in part on that most recent meeting between Obama and Netanyahu – a meeting that clearly had a quite strong impact on the always respectful WSI’s personal views regarding Barack Obama.  It should also be noted that this interview took place BEFORE subsequent media reports came out regarding any specific details of this same meeting:<
Can I ask you about the meeting between Obama – President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu?
You don’t need to do that anymore.
UM: What?
Place the title of president in front of his name – when you speak of him. That is no longer required of you when we speak.
UM: Really? You said that was…you were concerned about remaining respectful of the office. That—WSI: (interrupts) That concern has greatly diminished. The man does not warrant such respect by you…or anyone else. He is…he…he is no longer my president.UM: What is he then?

WSI: I believe -name deleted- called him a mistake, yes? That is certainly true. A terrible-terrible mistake. There is more to it than that though…

UM: Yes?

WSI: A mistake can be harmless, or unintended. Barack Obama is neither harmless nor unintended. What he is…or most certainly those around him…those who have formed and are now implementing the agenda…it is no unintended error. It is no mistake – but rather far more…far more worse than that.

UM: Elaborate.

WSI: Evil. Corruptive all-encompassing evil.

UM: Barack Obama is evil?

WSI: Certainly the seeming…I don’t wish to have this conversation devolve into the subject matter of…to take a more spiritual course. That may not appeal to a great many of your readers.

UM: Don’t worry about that – you think Barack Obama is evil? Please explain.

WSI: My belief is that what is being attempted…the…reforming if you will of the United States…yes – that is evil. The danger it poses to the country, to the world – yes…evil. Be it ignorance on the part of Barack Obama, or willful neglect…I cannot determine for certain…but he does appear willing to cooperate with those who have long sought to destroy this country…not so much a physical destruction mind you…but rather the…spiritual destruction of America. A kind of…cancer that will eat away at its internals leaving nothing but…an empty shell of what it once was.

(Long pause)

I fear I may be babbling here. I apologize.

UM: NO – don’t apologize. You have just said what my gut has been telling me for a long time. Back in 2008 something felt wrong about Barack Obama. What you just said – it is a different version of that same feeling. I know exactly what you’re saying. Don’t apologize for that. There’s a whole lot of us feeling the same way.

But I have to ask – what happened? Why the change in tone? You gave me a bit of hell if I forgot to include the title of president in front of Obama’s name – and now…you are saying he doesn’t deserve that title? What happened? That’s a pretty significant shift – so what happened?

WSI: You know of course of the meeting between the prime minister and the president?

UM: Yes – of course.

WSI: That is what happened.

UM: You…can you elaborate please?

WSI: No – not at this time. I apologize.

UM: You gotta give me something here. And I think you want to say it – say something. I assume you received feedback of the meeting?

WSI: That is correct.

UM: And?

WSI: I cannot share any of that with you at this time. Again – I apologize.

UM: So the meeting did not go well?

WSI: Obama revealed himself to us…in full. While it was suspected…certainly we feared the possibility…but to have it so openly confirmed was…it was very unsettling to people who, shall we say…don’t unsettle easily.

UM: Please explain. Something. Explain something on that.

WSI: I will simply say this – and someday this information will get out…I likely will be long dead when it does…but the truth will be spoken of this someday.

In 2008 the American people voted for a man who has absolutely no regard for human life if that life is an impediment to the agenda. The meeting between himself and the prime minister confirmed that fact. The Israelis are now staring into the face of evil – a selfishness and disregard that is stunning in its scope and singular purpose. A delay was requested that has no basis in saving lives – but rather one that puts so many lives at risk! A delay that is pure political calculation – a calculation whose sole purpose is for but one political candidate – while all others are to be sacrificed if need be! This goes beyond the disrespect and immaturity put on display when they met last…that…you told of that. I fed that information to -name deleted- and you then told of that.

But THIS…what…what Barack Obama asks of Israel now…what is threatened if Israel does not comply…for nothing more than politics? It is…it is Chamberlain all over again. And just as Chamberlain strutted and preened to the world…this Obama does much the same. To not act against evil makes one complicit with that evil…that…he ignores history…or worse yet – he hopes to repeat it!

UM: Who?

WSI: Obama! The son-of-a-bitch Obama! That pathetic, preening political abortion that now holds the title of President of the United States! What he asks of Israel…for HIS re-election? What kind of human being thinks on such…the dangers…if he thinks the danger is only to Israel…he is putting ALL of us at risk! The entire world! And he doesn’t care. Nothing! Nothing matters but his…the campaign. The money. The legacy. Let me tell you this young man…let me say this of our current “president”. If every man, woman, and child now living in Israel were to be wiped off the face of the earth in order to secure Barack Obama’s re-election…THAT possibility is something the president would qualify as one worth considering! And if he thinks we are to simply allow that…NO. Not this time. NEVER AGAIN. We will fight this kind of evil this time. Victory may elude us…but this time our souls shall remain intact. There are those of us…we who are not simply Jews in name only in America…but the offspring of survival…the living and breathing embodiment of having survived the kind of evil that walked this earth not so long ago…we will not simply stand down and hope the future serves to protect us. NO. This old Jew has some fight in him yet! This old Jew is at war against this evil! Yes, I am tired…bent, fearful, sick, – but I will not simply allow the world of my children and grandchildren and their children and grandchildren to once again be given over to the corruption of appeasement! NO. NOT THIS TIME. The bones of so many in my family were ground under the heals of a modern political evil. Their lives are not forgotten. That lesson was learned. The blessings…such blessing that this country has afforded me – simply because my parents were just quick enough – just a little quicker than others to flee while others remained because they could not fathom that such evil actually existed. Such evil DID exist young man. And that kind of evil now exists AGAIN. It was elected President of the United States in 2008 and hopes to be re-elected again in 2012!

You wish to know something of that meeting between Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanhayu? The prime minister stared into the eyes of our president…and he saw the truth of the man. He understood fully and completely the corruption of his heart.

WALL STREET INSIDER: My God…My God…What Has Become Of America?

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