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Sheriff Joe to Holder: ‘Clean your own house first!’

May 12, 2012

A defiant Sheriff Joe Arpaio is preparing to tell President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder later today there is “no way” he will turn over the management of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office to the Justice Department despite the threat of a federal lawsuit.

“Clean your own house, Eric Holder, before you come trying to clean mine,” Arpaio said today in a telephone interview with WND.

As WND reported, the Justice Department informed Arpaio yesterday it plans to take him to federal court on allegations of systematic violations of the civil rights of Hispanics. Holder has sought an agreement to establish a court monitor in Arpaio’s office to clear his decisions.

Arpaio has scheduled a press conference for 3 p.m. local time today at his office in downtown Phoenix.

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‘I won’t surrender’

The sheriff charged that the Obama administration is attacking him in an effort to gain Hispanic votes in November for the Democratic Party.

“This is a coordinated effort directed from the White House to deflect attention from Eric Holder’s failure to cooperate in the congressional investigation into Fast and Furious,” he said.

Arpaio accused Obama of wanting to make him the “poster boy” in the administration’s public relations effort to deflect attention from Holder.

Phoenix today will be the site of dueling press conferences, with the Justice Department scheduling a late afternoon event. In addition, Randy Parraz, the radical agitator with a union-trained background as a Saul Alinsky “organizer,” also plans to hold a press conference today. Parraz moved to Phoenix to launch an effort demanding the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors order Arpaio to resign.

However, Arpaio, who is near the end of an unprecedented fourth term as Maricopa County sheriff, is an elected official who cannot be dismissed by the county overseers.

Arpaio cautioned that Holder should think twice about joining forces with activist operatives like Parraz.

“I won’t surrender,” Arpaio insisted, referring to the Justice Department’s demand to put federal monitors within the MCSO. “I intend to fight back.”

In November, Arpaio faces re-election for a fifth term.

‘Prove it!’

Repeatedly, Arpaio has charged the Justice Department has nothing against him but anecdotal evidence of isolated instances in which Hispanics have complained of MCSO activity.

As WND has reported, the Justice Department has refused to produce evidence substantiating the allegations against Arpaio, insisting that the allegations themselves are sufficient to demand a remedy.

“It’s ironic, don’t you think,” Arpaio said, “that Eric Holder refuses to comply with congressional subpoenas to deliver to Congress the information about his management of the Justice Department, but the Justice Department has no hesitation to make public their complaints about me despite the fact those allegation have never been proved to be true?”

Obama eligibility investigation to continue

Arpaio also told WND he will not abandon his volunteer team’s investigation into Obama’s eligibility for the Arizona presidential ballot.

“The Obama investigation remains ongoing,” he confirmed. “I have no intention of abandoning the Obama investigation until the Cold Case Posse has done its job.”

Arpaio’s office has announced the sheriff is preparing for a second press conference to update findings of the Cold Case Posse.

At a press conference in Phoenix March 1, Arpaio announced his team had found probable cause that Obama’s long form birth certificate and his Selective Service draft registration form were forgeries.

Arpaio contended it was no coincidence Holder decided to sue his office immediately after the government’s lawyers were grilled by the Supreme Court in oral arguments over the constitutionality of Arizona’s tough immigration law, SB 1070.

“I’ve had a 50-year career in law enforcement, including many years with the Justice Department in senior positions. Now, Eric Holder’s Justice Department is turning on me just because I’m doing my job enforcing immigration laws.”


And you have to ask yourself… All in all…  “Is Obama an illegal immigrant?”

  1. May 13, 2012 1:07 am

    GO JOE!!! You may well be the last true American Hero. No matter what happens we will always talk of you as the last great holdout in the war to destroy American Sovereignty and independence. You ARE the man!!!

    Every day America is eroded more and more. Most people do not even see it happening. Our government has turned trillions of dollars (our entire treasury) over to foreign nations so that when we need help we can no longer help ourselves, we must go to the one-world-community. This is why barack bows and scrapes to the Camel Fleas and the Chicoms. Remember in the last campaign when barack said that we had not done enough to redistribute the wealth? No one even noticed. Imagine if just 1 trillion dollars, of the many trillions that were redistributed, was spent on our nation to rebuild infrastructure. Unemployment would be gone.

    People say, “Obama is stupid?” or “Obama doesn’t know what he is doing?” or “why is Obama doing this or that?”. The answer is simple if people would just open their eyes. Obama is doing exactly what his United Nations agenda calls for. The U.N. itself tells on their own website… …exactly what barack is supposed to do…and hes doing it.

    So, where are our American Heros? Well, I guess hes in Arizona. Our news media (the new Bozo The Clown show) has no desire to tell the truth because they would be excluded from future news briefings. Radio talk hosts like Hannity and Limbaugh are simple keeping the conversations flowing smoothly with the idiots that call them and say things like “I don’t understand why Obama is doing that”.

    It all boils down to, our government is not accountable. And if anyone makes waves then the government will simply exclude them because our government answers to NO ONE.

  2. May 13, 2012 12:11 pm

    WELL Said, Dar Brooks- Obama is not a president for the People’s interests… Obama is using the power of the American presidency for his own interests. The enrichment of himself and the favors given to his supporters through the power of the US government. Thanks for posting

  3. foxyladi14 permalink
    May 13, 2012 1:04 pm

    Good read thanks and Happy Mothers day!!! 🙂

  4. May 14, 2012 12:58 am

    good seeing you foxyladi14-


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