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Barack Obama’s Drone Empire

June 12, 2012

A just released Inspector General report indicates the Obama administration ordered far more drones than the government knows what to do with…

This latest report offers up yet further proof of Barack Obama’s odd obsession with drone technology outlined in such striking terms by our own political insider:

UM:  The president you mean?  He watches videos of the drone attacks?

WHI:  Yeah – like it was…like it was porn.  I can’t emphasize…I don’t think I’m painting a clear enough picture here for you of how this thing has people really freaking out inside the administration.  It’s good on one hand because it’s got more of them willing to talk…but…the fact it’s gotten this bad…these drones…an American president who has the video sent up to his personal study so he can watch them over and over again…like I said – sh-t ain’t right.  And more and more people are figuring that out – and that is what has Jarrett concerned.  But even she…Obama won’t listen to her on this one.  Those drones are the one thing he really feels he has control over…all the rest…he’s been told what to say and where to go…when to wake…when to sleep…but the drones.  The drones are all his – and he ain’t given those up.  For nobody.

UM: So Jarrett is against the use of drones?

WHI: No-no-no…I ain’t said that. Far from it. The drones are all part of this…the big big picture here…what she’s concerned over is that her boy…the president…he’s gotta get it under control…his obsession with using them like he has. The weekly meetings, the kill list…I mean c’mon now…he’s got his own personal kill list. The guy who campaigned against Bush era interrogations…Obama don’t interrogate. He picks a name off a list…some of these people have beenU.S. citizens…he picks that name off a list and orders the kill. Then he gets the video confirmation of the kill…and he watches it. Over and over and over again.


UPDATE:Now read this update on the just-released Inspector General study on Obama’s drone program:

The Homeland Security Department ordered so many drones it can’t keep them all flying and doesn’t have a good plan for how to use them, according to a new audit that the department’s inspector general released Monday.

In a blunt assessment, investigators said Customs and Border Protection’s Office of Air and Marine has a fleet of nine “unmanned aircraft systems” and is awaiting a 10th — though it doesn’t have enough ground support and doesn’t have a good plan for prioritizing missions.

“CBP procured unmanned aircraft before implementing adequate plans,” the investigators said.

…Investigators also said CBP, at the behest of the State Department, has held “discussions with another country on the use of unmanned aircraft.”

So now Obama is opening up an Internet Store selling our Security Equipment as if they are GM automobiles ROLLING off assembly lines in Detroit!


OR are ‘Made in America’ drones to be Christmas gifts for the dictators of the World?


  1. pamelaofthepoconos permalink
    June 13, 2012 8:23 am

    WOW. I read a few months back that a drone, perhaps in Minnesota, had been utilized to help a sheriff locate a person of interest. Have heard more since, including this recent incident: Navy drone crashes in Maryland – CNN
    …The basic RQ-4A Global Hawk UAV, manufactured for the U.S. Air Force by Northrop-Grumman, is the largest and most advanced drone in the U.S. military, according to the Navy. It is 44 feet long, has a 116-foot wingspan and weighs 25,600 lbs.
    The vehicles cost $176 million apiece, the Government Accountability Office reported in 2010.
    Crashes are highly unusual, Navy officials said.

    But I did not realize Obama’s obsession with them. I guess these things make finger prints and other traditional forensic evidence irrelevant. How convenient.

  2. pamelaofthepoconos permalink
    June 13, 2012 9:04 am

    More on the subject with h/t whitehousedossier
    BBC News – World cools towards Barack Obama – survey
    International approval of US President Barack Obama’s foreign policy has dropped sharply during his term in office, a Pew Research survey suggests.
    snip Most respondents in almost all countries opposed US drone strikes….

  3. June 13, 2012 7:06 pm

    Thanks, Pamela for the information.. Much appreciated.

    I don’t like the drone idea either. His obsession, using them for targeted kills, is just sick.
    I’m sure he wouldn’t hesitate using them on Americans..

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