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Obama Democrats Defend Eric Holder’s DOJ Killing Of Whites And Mexicans

June 19, 2012

How does a Democrat Congressman describe an Obama Attorney General who is responsible for the deaths of U.S. border agents and hundreds of Mexican civilians? “Honorable”.

Congresman Elijah Cummings has spent his entire political career cashing in on both the color of his skin and his long-ago affiliation with the Civil Rights Movement. He has been, and remains, among the most prolific race-baiting national politicians in the history of America. Most recently he once again threw out the charge of racism against a white reporter who dared interrupt the president who was in the process of violating the Constitution and granting sweeping reforms to national immigration laws. Congressman Cummings declared racism to be the true motivation behind that interruption.

Now the Congressman comes to the defense of Obama Attorney General Eric Holder – declaring that Mr. Holder has acted “honorably” in his duties at the Obama DOJ:

“I think Eric Holder has acted honorably, he’s done everything he could to allow us to do our job, which is to investigate this matter,” Cummings said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.

I really don’t think it is necessary” to go forward with contempt proceedings, Cummings said Tuesday morning. “I think we can resolve this.”

Isn’t it interesting how Congressman Cummings ignores the the deaths of minorities and whites even as those deaths were at least in part, made possible by Eric Holder’s failed leadership and oversight at the Department of Justice? For those who have never seen Elijah Cummings in action attempting to string together even the briefest of coherent thoughts, while always maintaining his race-card playing status- this video should prove educational as Mr. Cummings discusses with fellow Hall of Fame race-baiter Al Sharpton:

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  1. pamelaofthepoconos permalink
    June 20, 2012 6:16 am

    As of early this morning, Issa was still planning contempt vote. Fingers crossed. I’ve been withholding funds from Boehner and tweeting him FWIW.

  2. June 21, 2012 8:15 am

    Good on you, Pamela-
    I’m hoping Issa has a plan afoot where timing is the key to removing Obama and his band of merri thugs corrupting our government from office to the embarressment of all Americans.

    The closer we get to election time, the F&F scandals will have the maximum effect subverting Obama’s chances for re-election. (I hope this is Issa’s plan..)

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