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“We Got One Last Chance Here To Make It Right”

August 2, 2012

This is the latest Interview with the WH Insider:

The timing of this interview comes just days after a soon to be published book authored by Richard Miniter details how it is Valerie Jarrett and not President Barack Obama who makes the final decision in so many of the most critical calls from within the White House – even those involving the United States military. This knowledge is nothing new to readers of this blog, for that very information first originated from our own longtime D.C. political operative some two years ago. We talk to that figure again now, in person – White House Insider.


WHI: (BIG SMILE) Now you’re seein’ it. Romney got inside his head – Obama is rattled. The entire campaign is rattled. And Obama goes out and says what? You go ahead and tell me for a change. What does Obama say not two weeks after the Romney team slips that internal polling data over to them?

UM: “You didn’t build that.”

WHI: And that’s how you play smashmouth politics son. A mental castration of a sitting president. And the Romney team just did it as good as I’ve EVER seen it done right there. And the decision to make sure that polling data made its way back to Obama…that had to come from Mitt Romney himself. And when he did that…he balled up his fist and smacked Obama right up in his face. Right into that fake ass toothy fool grin of his. He let him know this ain’t gonna be 2008. This is gonna be a war. Barack Obama…Valerie Jarrett…Plouffe…Axelrod…they all got their asses kicked on this one.

Romney done good…

UM:  Are you saying Obama was so rattled he didn’t mean what he said?  The comments about “you didn’t build that”?

WHI:  Oh hell no.  No-no-no.  He meant it.  Every bit of it.  (Pause)  What I mean there is that he slipped up…the subject was burnin’ that little pea brain of his…so he slipped up.  He allowed what he really feels to come right out into the open.  He’s done that before…here and there.  But this was…this time it was really out in the open – he was shouting it.  The deal is…with Obama…like I’ve said – guy hates America.  Really does.  Thinks it needs…thinks there needs to be a reset button.  Thinks the free market is evil.  Thinks that only liberal government, Big Government, socialized government…whatever you wanna call it – he thinks that is the only real solution to how to reshape the country into his own image.

UM:  And you believe that perspective is different from the traditional Democratic Party in America – correct?

WHI:  You’re Godd-amn right it is – I’ll say it to you again and again – Obama ain’t no Democrat.  Never was.  Never has been.  He controls the party…people who think like him…people who placed him in power…they control the party…but they represent something far different than what the party was 20 odd years ago.

UM:  That change you suggest…it started during the Clinton years.

WHI:  You askin’ me or you tellin’ me?

UM:  That’s my opinion – it started during the Clinton years and accelerated during the Bush years.  At least on a national level…a concentrated level.  The Old Man says it started decades earlier – but the progressive thing…at least in my own lifetime…theClinton years seem to be where it really took root.

WHI:  Bill Clinton ain’t Barack Obama – don’t make that comparison with me son.

UM:  He has people from his administration who are now working – or were working, inside the Obama administration.

WHI:  Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

UM:  Does that explain Eric Holder?

WHI:  What?

UM:  Holder – he came from the Clinton administration.

In this July 20, 1999 file photo, President Clinton shakes hand with Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder, right, as Attorney General Janet Reno looks on at a American Bar Association Presidential Call to Action event at the White House in Washington. Holder is President-elect Barack Obama’s top choice to be the next attorney general and aides have gone so far as to ask senators whether he would be confirmed, an Obama official and people close to the matter said Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2008. (AP Photo/Ron Edmonds)

WHI: You know how I feel about Eric f-cking Holder.

UM: Maybe Holder…Clinton…maybe they are all cut from the same cloth? And Eric Holder is still there…still running interference for Obama.

WHI: Yeah – he’s still there. For now. Let’s see if that stays the same this fall. Ok? We got the vote, right? Not many woulda thought that possible six months ago. Certainly not a year ago. I’ve done all I can on that – and then some. And then some. I got…I done every bit of what I could possibly do there – you know that. You know what – you seen the results of that work. Me and a few others…we got our asses hanging way out there on this.

UM: But where does that leave it? What now?

WHI: What now is this – either the Republicans succeed in getting the special counsel…prosecutor…whatever the hell they callin’ it these days…or they don’t. The vote…God bless them there…that was not an easy call. People watching from the outside…they might think it’s an easy thing…but the media…they can turn that into a weapon against them if it ain’t handled right. Somethin’ like that…you gotta roll it out real careful…real deliberate like. We ain’t finished with Holder – not by a long shot. There’s some more about to break on him…got a few loose ends…a few feet still draggin’ – but that’s about to change.

UM: How many people do you think Eric Holder has killed during his time at Justice with the Obama administration? How long are people willing to wait it out – to “role it out real careful” as you put it?

WHI: As long as it takes to get it done right son. You don’t know how…how difficult this kinda thing can be. This administration…these people around Obama – they got no fear on this stuff. Cold blooded. During the Clinton years…hell…things were done. Yeah…things that leave me wondering…we all got blood on our hands. Some more than others. How’d I put that to you before – you don’t ever wanna do the things I’ve done?

But these Obama people…they are different. A whole other level. Never seen anything like it. There’s stuff I won’t ever tell you. Never. You don’t want that kinda knowledge son. You throw out a question like how many people been killed under Eric Holder? Sh-t…you don’t even know what you’r askin’. You got no f-cking idea how far these people will go to keep pushin’ this agenda of theirs. Everything I told you was coming – now it’s here. The dismantling of the American system. The drones, the race riots, the promises to other countries…the open borders, the destruction of our domestic energy productions, the Obama government at war with the Catholic Church…the massive inflation that is just perched above us waiting to fall down on all our heads…so much sh-t they got ready to fire at us. That second term…that’s their moment. Obamacare, the deficit…cities going under…military cutbacks…I can’t keep track of it all it’s going on so damn fast now. This election coming up – people better know…they ain’t messing around now. This is the real f-cking deal right here. Right now.

Let me tell you somethin’ the Old Man told me…it was months back. Before all that sh-t that nearly put him in the ground. The stress of all this ain’t good for him…taking its toll. Can’t be good – he won’t share that with you…not all of it any ways.

So I’m asking him for help on about a thousand different fires I’m trying to put out – got Obama people everywhere. And I mean everywhere – and the Old Man…he’s brushing that all aside. “Just politics” he says. He don’t give a sh-t about that stuff. We are little people, right? And he don’t mean to demean us when he says that – that’s just his world. That’s his way – and he’s right. He’s godd—mn right. We are just cockroaches – it’s a sick business what we do. But it’s also a necessary one and that’s where I come in so f-ck it. It’s who I am. But the Old Man…he’s telling me…the words he used…the phrase was…”the entire system is terminal and I can’t save the patient.” Now he’s talking about the global economy here – that the entire system has been compromised to the point of collapse and he…and people like him who want to save it…they can’t do it alone. They might be able to…between them…maybe they got access to a couple trillion to move around here and there to try and stabilize things.

UM: A couple trillion? That much!

WHI: No – not personally. Hell no…he ain’t worth near that personally. But he’s got – and there’s others…they got access to that amount. In that neighborhood…he told me that some time ago. But that would be an all or nothin’ scenario for them…and…now I don’t understand how all that sh-t works…markets…he talks about capitalization…last summer he went on for about an hour about how out of whack the capitalization of something and somethin’ was…I don’t know. Just that it’s real bad. And I mean real bad and these Obama people – they are in on it big time. It ain’t that they are just ignorant or incompetent – it’s purposeful what they are doing.

And when they got rid of that IMF fella – the French guy…I never seen the Old Man so worried. He’s told the both of us…let us know how dangerous that woman at the IMF is…but he won’t say much about it – but it’s got him damn worried.

UM: I messed up that last interview – with the Old Man. My question to the Military Insider.

WHI: Bullsh-t – you didn’t mess up nothin’. You really think a guy like that…I don’t think they wanted to be there. It was a favor to the Old Man – nothing else. Don’t sweat it.

UM: They looked like they wanted to kill me.

WHI: Probably did! Sure as hell could – in about 2.2 seconds! (Laughs)

UM: Wasn’t funny at the time – not at all.

WHI: You did fine…and frankly…what you asked…I’ve wondered that as well. Guy like that…got tons of respect for the man. He’s solid. No worries. Been giving us the goods on a lot of stuff going way back – but he’s M.I. to the core. And those people…they think different. They have to – and they can be damn scary to be around some times. And he owes the Old Man – and the Old Man likes you. So it’s all good.

UM: Why haven’t more in the military – why haven’t they come out against this administration? You’ve told me, the Old Man has told me…the Military Insider hinted at it – that they know this administration is doing wrong. Why not come out against them?

WHI: (Long Pause) If they came out against the president…something like that – an openly public and deliberate move against the president…that would be a crisis. A domestic crisis of epic f-cking proportions. That’s now how these kinda things go down kid. That’s Hollywood bullsh-t stuff – that’s not reality.

The Joint Chiefs…those guys are politicians as much as Obama. And the ones right under them – they want that next step up, right? And the administration, they play that card to the hilt. Same thing with Congress. I know for a fact there are Senators – Democrats…who are appalled at what the administration is doing. Appalled at what they are hearing about the character and motivations of this so-called president. But to come right out against him…Reid won’t have it. I don’t know what kinda deal was struck between those two devils – Reid and Obama…but Reid has the Senate on lockdown. And he’s got most of those Democrats in the Senate too damn afraid to say anything – while the rest of them are happy to support the administration because they are cut from that same idiotic socialist progressive cloth as he is – and they think they will get a seat at the big table when all of this shakes out.

Why do you think I am doing it this way? Same damn thing. It’s easy to point the finger and tell somebody to risk everything – not just them but risk their family…everything they got…real easy to sit back and tell somebody they should stand up and do what’s right and go ahead and risk it. Right? Real easy?

Unless it’s YOU that’s at risk. Then it’s a different f-cking story ain’t it?

So I’m doin’ what I’m doin’. The Old Man is doin’ what he’s doin’. And you do what you do. And we hope it’s enough.

UM: Is it? Will it be enough? To defeat Obama?

WHI: The three of us? Hell no. Not even close.

UM: Then what? What will it take?

WHI: What it has always taken when the country is at risk – the American people. We need them. We always have. And God’s grace. If He still gives a sh-t about this country. If He still thinks we are worth the trouble. And I ain’t so sure we are – if we deserve to have another chance.

You’re askin’ what it will take to defeat Obama? Defeat the ones around him? Jarrett? Holder? All of them? It’s gonna take the American people to wake the f-ck up NOW. It’s getting to be go time here. August is when the real race is run…all the way to end. But Romney…he can’t do it alone. People out there who say they ain’t so sure about Romney…this ain’t the time to be talking that perfection sh-t. This ain’t the time to be talking 3rd party candidate bullsh-t. This ain’t the time to be sittin’ this one out.

This IS the time to pay attention…tell everyone you know…everyone you care about…vote out Obama. Vote the son-of-a-bitch out. We got one last chance here to make it right. That’s what I’m doin’ this for. I gotta try and make it right – 2008 was…I can’t leave it like this. I can’t have that be it for me. Just can’t do it. So 2012…hell it’s just a few months away now…we gotta do this together. All of us. Every last one of us. I need your readers help. I need them to speak out to everyone they know. Every last person they know. For the love of God get people motivated to do what’s right this election. None of us can afford to sit this one out. None of us.

T Party, Washington, DC

I’ll promise you this…if Obama is defeated this election… If the American people send him on his way…there is gonna be a whole sh-t pile of information coming out on what was really going on inside that White House of his and Jarrett’s. People will have the guts to speak out – openly. And they won’t be alone. They will be able to do it without the fear that hangs over them now – all of us…how scary sh-t is right now.

And when all that truth starts to come out…people…the ones willing to listen and understand…they are gonna realize just how close the country…how close we were to the darkness. The future that was gonna be ripped away from their kids and grandkids. And how their votes against Obama saved America. How they saved that future. In the end…like I told you…in the end when the country is in real crisis – it always comes down to the American people to save it.

Godd—mit then – let’s get to it. Let’s save America.

Part One Interview


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