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Paul Ryan ‘To Do-Nothing Obama’: “PUT UP OR SHUT UP”

August 25, 2012

Congressman Paul Ryan, recently announced as Mitt Romney’s GOP running mate, is making it clear his views regarding Barack Obama’s do-nothing White House and the impending fiscal crisis and disastrous cuts to the U.S. military because of Barack Obama’s penchant for always playing politics even when endangering the near-term future of the United States.


Vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan on Thursday condemned President Obama in his harshest terms yet for forcing mandatory defense cuts into last summer’s agreement to raise the debt ceiling, saying that Congress has told the president to “put up or shut up” by disclosing how the cuts would be implemented.

Ryan was referring to the Sequestration Transparency Act, a bill that passed both the House and Senate by a bipartisan vote in late July. The president signed it earlier this month, though administration officials have said Congress should devote its energy to avoiding the so-called looming “fiscal cliff” instead of simply probing for details on the consequences.

“The president needs to show us how he plans on putting this in place if he is not going to help us pass legislation preventing it in the first place, so we’re now waiting for that answer,” Ryan said during a roundtable in Fayetteville, home to Fort Bragg.


What Barack Obama is attempting is to force a budget showdown with Congress shortly before the Novembe election in the hopes the media will spin Obama favorably and the Republicans negatively. What the media is currently unwilling to share with the American public is just what Paul Ryan is pointing to in his most recent quote – a bi-partisan compromise has been reached already between leaders in Congress indicating, at least among some, a willingness to work together to avoid the fiscal disaster of a prolonged budget showdown.

It should also be noted that Barack Obama is threatening massive cuts to the American military while at the same time declaring the very real possibility of using that same military to act against Syria. Has there ever been a Commander in Chief so dismissive of the imporance of American defense while at the same time equally willing to use that military as a political propoganda to further his own re-election hopes?

Remember, it was then-candidate Obama who accused the American military of simply “air raiding villages and killing civilians” in Afghanistan.

(ht/Ulsterman for scouring the internet on his unrelenting fact finding mission.

  1. August 25, 2012 7:50 am

    Although this is a wordpress site, you will have to do a fresh re-registration for this site if you have an opinion or something you would like to say here. The way word press is set up the two venues (Hillaryis44 and this one) are entirely separate. His44 is a dot org site and this one is a dot com site. Most likely you will need a new log-in name and new pass word for posting.. If you have tried it already and it hasn’t worked. You can e-mail me @ if you are still having problems.

    The status of banned posters who did nothing but disagree with the current administrator at Hillary is will be posted here. Reminder, totalitarianism exists everywhere not just in the Federal government.

    Many of us have been reading the latest slew of books recently published on Obama’s secret agenda for America. The most elaborate publication, “Fool Me Twice” by Klein and Elliot contain the most detailed plans for the make-over of America into total Marxism. This information was in full view for everyone’s edification in a lengthy pdf document plainly displayed in the archives of ‘The Center for American Progress’. Which is a fully subsidized George Soros think tank. This document put together by CAP is the blueprint Obama is to follow creating the new face of America.

    We intend on reviewing ‘Fool Me Twice’ here soon.. Also many prolific posters banned from Hillary is 44 have an open invitation to post a review of the Obama related books they have read expanding our point of view of exactly what we are up against and what we will lose should Obama be re-elected. Also welcome- appropriate Op-Ed pieces if you have something that needs saying from the most faithful and loyal Hillary supporters preferring discussion and debate rather than heavy handed censorship, ridicule/personal attacks, and arbitrary lock out preferable to intelligent discussion. Those wishing to do so can contact me at the address above.

  2. August 25, 2012 7:54 am

    Republicans Eye Return to Gold Standard

    24 Aug 2012

    Financial Times

    The gold standard has returned to mainstream U.S. politics for the first time in 30 years, with a “gold commission” set to become part of official Republican party policy.

    Drafts of the party platform, which it will adopt at a convention in Tampa Bay, Florida, next week, call for an audit of Federal Reserve monetary policy and a commission to look at restoring the link between the dollar and gold.

    The move shows how five years of easy monetary policy — and the efforts of congressman Ron Paul — have made the once-fringe idea of returning to gold-as-money a legitimate part of Republican debate.

    Marsha Blackburn, a Republican congresswoman from Tennessee and co-chair of the platform committee, said the issues were not adopted merely to placate Paul and the delegates that he picked up during his campaign for the party’s nomination.

    The proposal is reminiscent of the Gold Commission created by former president Ronald Reagan in 1981, 10 years after Richard Nixon broke the link between gold and the dollar during the 1971 oil crisis. That commission ultimately supported the status quo.

    “There is a growing recognition within the Republican party and in America more generally that we’re not going to be able to print our way to prosperity,” said Sean Fieler, chairman of the American Principles Project, a conservative group that has pushed for a return to the gold standard.

  3. August 25, 2012 8:49 am

    Good to see Bill and Hill taking some well deserved time off spending the waning days of summer with beloved couple daughter Chelsea and son-in-law Marc in East Hampton..

    Bill and Hill on Vacation until the Sept 5th

    Bill and Hill

    Taking their pooches for a walk in East Hampton.. arf! yip!

  4. foxyladi14 permalink
    August 25, 2012 11:08 am

    OH!!!! Beautiful pictures of them.And the Pooches too. 🙂

  5. August 25, 2012 11:37 am

    Congrats on your new policy guidelines. This is great news for those of us who want to express our opinions without looking over our shoulders to make sure we haven’t offended someone too sensitive to look at the bigger picture.

    (Farenheit 451, anyone?)

    Freedom of speech rocks.

    Like this billboard of the week.

  6. foxyladi14 permalink
    August 25, 2012 12:00 pm

    Anyone want to scare the left? It can be fun. Do you want to see liberals running and screaming like kids frightened by scenes at a Halloween haunted…

  7. foxyladi14 permalink
    August 25, 2012 12:02 pm

    Now this is scary.

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    August 25, 2012 12:03 pm

  9. foxyladi14 permalink
    August 25, 2012 12:07 pm

  10. August 25, 2012 12:47 pm

    I’m in love with this site and your posts. This is one of the best ever.

  11. August 25, 2012 12:55 pm

    It’s about time someone went after bambi for all of this. It’s for sure the media isn’t.

  12. August 25, 2012 2:44 pm

    Welcome, jhb55-

    I take it you are a former poster @hillaryis 44- I won’t ask you what your ID was at pink..
    All you need to know is- you are welcome to post here for as long as you care to-

  13. August 25, 2012 2:47 pm

    August 25, 2012

    Rise of the Manifestoists: the End-Point of the Democratic Party

    By James G. Long

    Peggy Noonan has a WSJ article entitled “A Nation That Believes Nothing.” Her points are well taken; Noonan argues that today’s Democrats say any false thing that gets them elected, and (establishment) Republicans are slow to call the Democrats on their dishonest assault on the Constitution. The result is that neither side enunciates a coherent political position, and certainly not a position based on Constitutional principles. No one believes either of the mainstream political parties, and the approval rating for Congress is in the 10% range.

    This results in a long period of compromise between dedicated leftists and moderate Republicans, and consequently the polity has moved steadily leftward. The national debt has gone from essentially zero to over $15 trillion in just thirty years, and we have absolutely nothing to show for it but indebtedness that will fall on future generations. Democrats like to blame the effects of their own policies on Republicans, but that exposes both Democrats’ dishonesty and their profound ignorance of cause and effect. Unless, of course, Democrats are deliberately trying to destroy the Republic, which is exactly what Marxists have done to so many former states.

    But everyone believes in something. There is a long history of political shifts in the USA: Federalists, Whigs, Know-Nothings, Dixiecrats. The two extremes in American political thought today are the Constitutionalists on the right, represented by the Tea Party, and the Manifestoists on the left, epitomized by the elitist followers of President Obama. The last of the old establishment Republicans are going away, after repeated failures to defend American values: Bush I, Dole, Bush II, McCain. The very last of the old Democrats is Joe Lieberman (now an independent), who is retiring.

    The Tea Party is a recent development that is much closer to Thomas Jefferson than to the various establishment Republicans who have dominated the Republican debate before and since Ronald Reagan. Obama and Romney-Ryan are neck-and-neck. Democrat supporters identify with Obama and Tea Party supporters identify with the Constitution; note how slowly the Tea Party embraced Romney and how quickly the Tea Party stood tall when Ryan joined the ticket.

    Economic communism has been an unmitigated disaster everywhere it has been tried. Antonio Gramsci proposed a cultural communism about eighty years ago. If you are not familiar with Comrade Gramsci, he proposed to take over cultural institutions (media, academia, political parties, churches) by infiltration in order to further the goals of a Marxist Utopia. Gramsci’s plan has worked quite well here in the USA, insofar as takeover is concerned, but not so well in the surfeit of failures of the Obama administration.

    It is quite astonishing that the Manifestoists have gained power so rapidly — well within my lifetime. Senators Hubert Humphrey and Scoop Jackson were strong members of the Democratic Party with American constitutional values. They reflected the prevailing Democratic Party consensus of that time, which consistently rejected the Manifestoists during the Great Depression and up until the last few years. So how is it that the political landscape has changed so abruptly?

    Not to put too fine a point on it, Manifestoists win by lying, cheating, and stealing. There are exactly two current major philosophical systems that make a holy sacrament of dishonesty: Marxism and Islamism. Not coincidentally, these and similar traits are characteristic of psychopaths, as listed in Dr. Robert Hare’s Psychopathic Check List – Revised. For example. on “NBC NEWS’ MEET THE PRESS,” on Sunday, May 22, 2005, Dr. Howard Dean, then Chairman of the Democratic Party, stated:

    (lengthy article- you can read the rest here:

    @ American Thinker

  14. foxyladi14 permalink
    August 25, 2012 3:12 pm

    It was the fall of 1998, the height of Mr. Romney’s high-flying career as a private equity executive. But his wife, Ann, was not well. She was exhausted, and having difficulty walking; her right foot was dragging. When a neurologist at Massachusetts General Hospital arrived at a diagnosis — multiple sclerosis — “they just held each other in their arms,” their son Josh said, “and just cried.”

    Thirty years earlier, in the spring of 1968, Mr. Romney, then a Mormon missionary in France, had a scare of a different sort. He was at the wheel of a tiny Citroën, cruising along a country road, when a Mercedes rounded a curve and crashed into his car, head on. One of his passengers — the wife of the French mission president — was killed. Mr. Romney, by all accounts not at fault, was knocked unconscious and mistakenly pronounced dead at the scene.

  15. foxyladi14 permalink
    August 26, 2012 11:56 am

    Romney :)Romney’s silent acts of service are a recurring theme in the 2012 book “The Real Romney” by Michael Kranish and Scott Helman, investigative reporters for The Boston Globe. Readers get a sense of Romney as a person of accomplishment, and also as a person in service to others.

    Joey’s Park

    One instance that highlights Romney’s style of silent charity is Joey’s Park, a playground named in memory of Joey O’Donnell, who died of cystic fibrosis and was the son of a Romney neighbor. Romney led the effort to build the park as well as its upkeep. “There he was with a hammer, a Mitt nobody sees,” Joseph O’Donnell, the father of the late boy, told the authors of “The Real Romney.” After the construction, Romney returned with a local Boy Scout troop to ensure that the memorial was maintained. “He did it for like the next five years, without ever calling to say, ‘We did this,’ without a reporter in tow, not looking for any credit.”

  16. August 26, 2012 12:48 pm

    Have a look at today’s comments in the new edition.

    The msm said there were 100 people in attendance at R&R’s Ohio rally-

  17. August 27, 2012 12:43 pm

    Thank you for the welcome. I was on another site for quite a while (not mentioning any names) but left sometime back when changes were made and I was no longer comfortable posting there.

  18. August 27, 2012 12:46 pm

    “silent acts of service”

    It really speaks to a person’s true character that he doesn’t seek the fame and fortune for doing acts of charity behind the scenes.

    Unlike the present potus who thrives on his “me” personality.

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