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A Map of Muslim Protests Around the World…

September 15, 2012

If you can’t keep track of all the Muslim protests erupting across the globe, you’re not alone. The uproar over a 14-minute anti-Islam YouTube video has sparked furious protests from Somalia to Egypt to Sudan to Tunisia to Libya to Bangladesh to Indonesia to Pakistan. With new reports of protests surfacing every minute, we’ve compiled the latest reported incidents into this handy interactive Google Map. Click the locations and embedded links for more details about each incident.

Movie link-

Did we miss any? We’ll be updating the map through the day, and if you post a note in the comment section and we’ll include it.

View enlarged interactive Map here:

The censorship becomes official.President Barack Obama has bowed to the Muslim Brotherhood’s demand that the federal government suppress a satirical video of Islam’s prophet,  Muhammad.

Tommy Vietor, a spokesman for the National Security Council, told the Washington Post that the White House has “reached out to YouTube to call the video to their attention and ask them to review whether it violates their terms of use.”

The request complies with the Sept. 13 demand and threat by the brotherhood, which now governs the Arab’s world’s largest country, Egypt. “Hurting the feelings of one and a half billion Muslims cannot be tolerated, and… we demand that all those involved in such crimes be urgently brought to trial,” according to an English-language statement on the brotherhood’s website.

The brotherhood’s demand included a threat of additional violence during Obama’s re-election campaign. “The people’s anger and fury for their Faith is invariably predictable, often unstoppable,” said the website.

That violence could deeply damage Obama’s election chances OR NOT, just as similar Islamist violence in Iran sank President Jimmy Carter’s re-election effort in 1979 . OR, this violence could spread to the United States enlisting  Muslins already US Citizens and available to uphold  their religious beliefs… ‘death to all Christians.”


Mainstream Media Ignoring Disaffected, Disillusioned Obama 2008 Voters

President Barack Obama’s approval ratings have plummeted largely because Democrats and independents who fell for his “hope and change” rhetoric in 2008 have now abandoned him and his false promises. But the mainstream media is not covering this, once again protecting their favored candidate through omissions, treating Obama with kid gloves.

Stephen K. Bannon and Citizens United interviewed such Democrats and independents in swing states like Virginia, Ohio, Colorado, and Pennsylvania and made a movie called “The Hope and The Change.” It is a movie Sean Hannity said was the “most powerful documentary” he had ever seen. And the mainstream media must agree, because they know reporting on these stories will resonate with Americans like “The Hope and The Change,” which opens next week, has. And that is why they are not reporting on these disaffected former Obama voters.

The influential and insightful Republican strategist Cheri Jacobus notes in The Hill that “the mainstream media are comfortably snuggled in the pocket of President Obama” and “his cheerleaders in the media no longer even make so much as the weakest attempt to camouflage their allegiance.”

Reporting on disaffected Obama voters, Jacobus notes, will not only hurt Obama but also their careers — “or at least curtail the in-crowd party invites in D.C. and the Upper West Side.”

Jacobus writes that the insular, groupthink members of political press should watch “The Hope and The Change” because “they actually talk to the Democrats who voted for Obama in 2008 in some key battleground states but are now bitterly disappointed after four years.”

“Political reporters don’t seem interested in listening to these voters and even pretend they don’t exist,” Jacobus writes. “Yet it’s these voters who are going to make Decision 2012.”

If journalists spoke to voters such as the ones profiled in “The Hope and the Change,” they may hear things such as:

“Obama says a lot of things, but his actions are often different.”

“Obama’s a great con-artist.”

“I think he just wanted to get up there and show off.”

“This is the type of thing my father was trying to get away from in communist Eastern Europe.”

“This is the limit. We gotta go by the budget.”

“I fear for my children.”

“Smoke and mirrors.”

“I don’t know if we can recover from this.”

But these soundbites and quotes from Reagan Democrats and independents outside of the political bubble would demolish the mainstream media’s narrative that Obama is a competent leader who can best help the middle class.

“In contrast to the ‘real people’ featured in pro-Obama news with nothing to say regarding the overall good of the nation, instead focusing exclusively on what taxpayer-funded free stuff can do for them, those in ‘The Hope and the Change’ are concerned about the decline of the nation under Obama, as well as the impact on their families,” Jacobus writes. “That the man with the silver tongue who began with some of the highest approval ratings since they’ve been tracked could find himself below 50 percent at this late juncture should be one of the most-reported political items this election cycle.

That so very many Democrats — not to mention independents — who voted for the unknown Barack Obama in 2008 are now turning away from him is news. Big news.”

Jacobus notes the film also tracks Obama’s failures the mainstream media barely mentions.

“From expensive vacations on our dime, slow-jamming the news with Jimmy Fallon and the ‘cash for clunkers’ program (that could now serve as an anti-Obama campaign theme) to the S&P downgrade, the perplexing Nobel Peace Prize for literally nothing, repetitive sloganeering by Obama that borders on the creepy, ObamaCare, 23 million searching for work, failed stimulus spending and $16 trillion in debt, we are provided a painfully accurate overview of the past four years,” Jacobus writes.

“The Hope and the Change” does what the mainstream media, which is becoming more elitist, insular, and out of touch with America’s main streets, does not and may be incapable of doing even if they tried — ask Reagan Democrats and independents substantive questions, and let them answer honestly in an unfiltered manner.

Obama and Media Attack Free Speech

We used to live in a free country, a United States where our rights and liberties were protected. It is no accident that the very first amendment in the Bill of Rights includes the right to free speech.

Not any more. Not under the brutal fist of the Obama Administration. Not only are government officials right and left denouncing the film that supposedly catalyzed the Islamist attacks on our embassies and nation, but there is a massive effort to shift the focus in America away from the abysmal foreign policy of Barack Obama and toward Mitt Romney and the creator of the film.

Hillary Clinton: “To us, to me personally, this video is disgusting and reprehensible. It appears to have a deeply cynical purpose to denigrate a great religion and provoke rage.”

General Martin Dempsey, who recently threw Israel under the bus:

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, spoke by phone this morning with Pastor Terry Jones. In the brief call, Gen. Dempsey expressed his concerns over the nature of the film, the tensions it will inflame and the violence it will cause. He asked Mr. Jones to consider withdrawing his support for the film.

Meanwhile, the media savaged Mitt Romney for stating the obvious truth, that the Obama administration’s first response was not to condemn attacks on our diplomatic missions, but to sympathize with those who waged the attacks. But then, the MSM has never been interested in the truth; they have a clear agenda in running interference for Obama, and anything, anything they can twist and manipulate to that end they will pursue.

So the upshot of the last 24 hours has been the concerted attempt by the Obama Administration, its allies and the media, to suppress free speech, whether it be a film that makes Muslims angry, or a speech by Mitt Romney in which he speaks the badly needed truth that Barack Obama will do anything to hide.

The rightful guardians of free speech, our government and our military, have abandoned this core American principle for one reason and one reason only: to protect Barack Obama by redirecting attention away from his failures.

Egypt might still be on our side if Obama hadn’t signaled Islamists that he was sympathetic to them rather than confronting them. The entire Arab world is now being militarized against America. All because, just as with Jimmy Carter, the president of the United States is afraid.

more at Link-

Obama, Egypt, and Israel: None Dare Call It Treason, Fifty Years Later

Barely more than three years ago, President Obama traveled to Cairo, speaking to students and offering a “new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world.” Now, in the wake of the storming of the US Embassy in Cairo on Tuesday, Obama’s outreach policy is in ruins; the death of the US ambassador in Libya further underscores the reality that the “Arab Spring” is really an Arab winter.

Hell, as Thomas Hobbes said, is reality seen too late. And the hellishness of today’s Egypt seems manifest to anyone paying attention to Egypt today; after the embassy violence, Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi seems focused only on prosecuting the makers of the movie, even as Morsi’s own Muslim Brotherhood continues protests in front of the US embassy on Friday.

Confronted with all this bad news, the mainstream media seems to have made a key decision on its coverage–attack Mitt Romney. They will continue to defend their anointed champion, Obama, against attacks on his foreign policy record. A headline from The Business Insider sums up the state of play: “Mitt Romney Is Getting Completely Shredded For His Response To The US Embassy Attacks.”

Romney’s basic point was that Islamists are attacking us because we are weak; as a campaign document puts it, “We have seen a foreign policy of weakness and decline in American influence and respect. Yesterday, we saw the consequences of this perceived weakness.” And that’s what has sent the MSM into overdrive in defense of Obama. Romney is now being picked apart on minor timeline issues (issues on which he was correct), while the major thrust of what he said–his critique of Obama policy weakness–is ignored.

As Breitbart News’s Joel Pollak pointed out, it would have been just as easy, were the MSM so inclined, to take apart the contradictions of various Obama administration statements. Or, as Breitbart’s Tony Lee observed, the MSM could have made the Obama administration’s lack of preparation against possible attacks–it was, after all, the anniversary of 9-11–into an issue. But the MSM wasn’t interested in any of that. And of course, there’s the larger question hanging over all US Mideast policymaking: are we seeing, as Samuel Huntington suggested almost 20 years ago, a “clash of civilizations” that might be beyond the power of even the 44th President to solve? But none of those arguments fit the needs of the pro-Obama MSM narrative. So they are ignored.

Read the rest at Link.

  1. moononpluto permalink
    September 18, 2012 8:47 am

    I think these videos are doing more to unite the conservative base behind Romney more than anything else. They are showing he is a real conservative. Today i’ve seen so many who were wavering finally go, “thats what i wanted to hear from him, about time”

    Maybe Mitt planted them out there himself for the retards to find.

  2. September 18, 2012 8:58 am

    “So stating the obvious is somehow bad, no one is ever gonna solve the middle east problem, lets be frank about it. The israelis and palestinians will never ever agree. Looks like he actually has the jews backs here, i don’t see how that can be construed as a bad thing. The palestinians have shown time and time again they cannot be trusted.”

    Exactly- and why I posted HTA’s reiteration of the obvious. Arguing about it on a political blog is a Fool’s Errand. The middle east has been in turmoil for 1300 yrs and we will never see resolution or agreement between the Muslims and the Israelis. No matter how much money the US throws at their lame claims of being Palestinians demanding ( their ) so-called entitlements. When there NEVER was a country known as Palestine in the first place. Of the billions of aide money they’ve received from the US, you can bet the farm, little if any of it has been used to actually help their people. They’ve used it to plunder and destroy others, instead buying guns and armaments with the FREE CASH when it should have been designated a loan to them. While those countries who have used their aide wisely have begun to flourish. Namely Israel. And now that Israel has discovered mammoth off shore Gas and Oil reserves, the Palestinians covet with Green-eyed envy something they cannot have even more…

  3. September 18, 2012 9:09 am

    moon- 8:47am

    I hope your right on that score… and glad to hear it- It’s good you scan the other blogs recording a pulse indicating if people’s opinions are changing reflecting seeing the light.



    “Barack Hussein Obama Osseiran AKA Barry Chin has had the best in the world doing his job and making him look “good” to his idiotry. What is taking place now is Obama’s illusion falling apart.”

    Funny… the Osseiran addition. How or what does that addition represent?

  4. September 18, 2012 9:19 am

    Well, here is a mouthful to sort through by LC.. on Chris Stevens death.

    “This is the gay political ring, promoted by the gay Obama ring, in bed with the gay Muslim ring, protected by the gay media ring.”


    OK- I didn’t read the next paragraph splainin’ this to LUCY:

    “Why do you think the media is not mentioning the queer status of Chris Stevens? It is because he was in bed with them literally and he was in bed with gay elements of the Obama regime, and this dirty big secret will come spilling out.
    Anderson teabagger Cooper knows all of this and so does every person in DC.

    You have to ask what the hell John McCain is doing posing with Chris Stevens in Libya, and not saying a damn thing in what an openly homosexual male is doing there having cappuccino made for the Senator.”

  5. September 18, 2012 9:38 am

    Kevin at Hillbuzz has posted that Stevens was well known in the Chicgo gay community and his status was also common knowledge in Washington.

    Check out Kevin’s post.

    Osseiran – it’s some geneological lineage thing LC has gone on a tangent about tracking the POS back to Asian heritage. Don’t know if I buy that.

  6. September 18, 2012 9:39 am

    Lame Cherry’s assessment seems on the money when the full explanation is detailed like this:

    “When this kind of lying is taking place, and the talking points originally tried to smear Christians in order to intimidate them to not vote for Mitt Romney, it is a great deal like other operations in which Americans thought they were controlling the show, but were caught flat footed.

    This guy was the biggest literal f*cking security risk on the planet, and he showed up in premier posts, including 2007 under George W. Bush in Libya when Khadaffi agreed to play (nice) on a leash.

    The connections he had across the board all point to strange bedfellows, and his demise is a reality in everyone knew what Stevens was, and it was homicidal for Obama to post him there.

    To reveal the facts in this, the reality is every diplomat has files on them from the large players, meaning London, Paris, France, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Moscow, Peking and Tokyo, which are then passed along to other information exchanges.

    It is evident that Mosaad smiled over this as they did after 9 11 in knowing this played directly into their security necessities, and there were insiders in America who did not cringe too much over this Obama voter intimidation operation, being turned back on them, when someone helped point out safe houses and other things.

    One does not have to be behind events, but one certainly can assist in information flow for their best outcome and not what the Obama regime was instigating.

    Every diplomat and intelligence asset knew what Chris Stevens was, and not all diplomats or intelligence assets are inside Libya to inform Obama rioters in what they could earn if they did a little more for their wages.

    Obama presumed all of this was taken care of when he jetted off to Vegas, and was not in the least bothered when causalities appeared, as that was figured into the 2012 campaign. The problem is, the people behind this now blackmailing the Obama regime and the mass cover up, knew what Obama was up to, and it is why they targeted the gay crew Obama sent in there.”

    Now the fog begins to clear within the crystal ball.. the true picture of Obama’s failed scheme comes into focus..

    My thoughts on this – Axelrod handed this scheme off to Jarrett, she was disregarded (being a woman and all) an opportunity arose to turn the tables on Obama using it as a shake down for controlling him. No wonder Jarrett left hurriedly for vacation when she realized, the ball was taken from her and put into the wrong hands… Martha’s Vineyard must be abuzz in damage control mode!
    Lots of crying, assigning blame and puzzling out how to rectify a potentially explosive situation ready to BLOW WIDE OPEN!

    Someone better push the red button before they do something crazy to get themselves back on the board…

  7. September 18, 2012 10:00 am

    Might as well most the ending to LC’s thoughts for completion- as there are interesting points to factor in:

    “Do not forget that Delta Force arrived in theater and were outed as such. They did absolutely nothing to recover the bodies, but disappeared back out into the sunset so all of this would play out as information would be guided to expose what the Obama 2012 campaign had engaged in.

    Stevens body was left to show up at a hospital. “Someone” was intending for all of this to come out and to tie this fag issue to B. Hussein Obama as Obama tried to spin it onto an Egyptian Christian who apparently had others doing his “film” and he was just producing.

    This has just scratched the surface of this, and is as this blog warns, is a part of a mutli step plan by the Obama campaign for an October Surprise, if what happened in Libya does not come out.

    Thats it! Finito- Lots to think about and apparently, Lots to come of this drama.

  8. September 18, 2012 10:05 am

    I know, the blog has another case of the hiccups until a new page is up.

    Bear with me until I return from a market run… supposed to be a deluge here later on this afternoon and all through until tomorrow…

    Thanks for bringing all the good info here to discuss. You know we would never get past GO at the other blog. Not with the trolls agenda of ‘baiting’ to distract the flow..

  9. September 18, 2012 12:19 pm

    I’m glad this blog is receptive to some of LC’s analysis. It’s not welcome at other sites.

  10. September 18, 2012 2:16 pm

    September 18, 2012 12:19 pm

    I’m glad this blog is receptive to some of LC’s analysis. It’s not welcome at other sites.

    You know as well as I do, shrill, unhinged castigation of applauding seals takes precedence over any factual evidence that may be revealed in the discovery process by ordinary posters. One must wait until the spoon feedings are done, the belly checks authenticated, ensuring everyone is standing in a straight line. Then and only then, will the “ONE” reveal an explanation punctuated with a resounding, ‘I Told You So’ – Now bow down to MEEEE! I am the Oracle, the all knowing ‘ID’ who is always First and always Right. (If you don’t believe ME, check the Blue Ribbon Awards Wall, hanging over my Bed.)


  11. September 18, 2012 3:07 pm

    Good on Hillbuzz for getting the Truth out there-

    Obama has got to be held accountable for the death of Chris Stevens.
    Enough is enough with this 15 min 5th Rate Video Scam filling up the news cycle.

    Let’s get on with it and pose the hard questions to Obama.
    Why did you appoint and send a ‘Gay Man’ as the Ambassador to Libya?

  12. moononpluto permalink
    September 18, 2012 4:44 pm

    REPORT: ‘Body man’ Reggie Love paid by top Obama donor…

    President Obama’s former traveling assistant got financial assistance on his departure from government from a New York financier who is a top Obama fundraiser.

    Reggie Love, Obama’s former “body man” and a former Duke basketball star who the President has referred to as his “little brother” left the White House last November, and is on track to receive his MBA this December from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business.

    In the meantime, Love has received money, three sources told BuzzFeed, from Orin Kramer, the managing partner of Boston Provident and a leading Democratic fundraiser who has raised more than $2 million for Obama this cycle.

    A source close to the money manager dismissed the assistance as a routine act of generosity. Kramer, who served in the Carter Administration, makes a practice of helping “young people transitioning out of government,” the person said.

    But the move also sheds light on the cozy ties between some sectors of finance and Obama’s inner circle, and on the career help available to people leaving the highest levels of American government.

    Love and Kramer also co-hosted a party at this month’s Democratic National Convention made memorable by former Treasury Secretary Bob Rubin’s unfortunate tumble into the Ritz Carlton’s swimming pool. That event was co-hosted by other big names in finance, including Jane Hartley, co-founder of the economic and political consulting firm, Observatory Group, and Tony James, President of Blackstone Group.

    Kramer stressed to BuzzFeed that Love is not being compensated for any work, and is not on his firm’s payroll.

    Love “is not working for Boston Provident in any capacity,” he said in an email. “Period.”


    Can you say its a “shut your mouth” payoff.

  13. moononpluto permalink
    September 18, 2012 4:45 pm

    Business Insider on Romney’s coming October Surprise: a huge fricken’ $ bomb that will bury Obama:

    Mitt Romney’s October Surprise Is Going To Be Legendary

    The thing about the set of leaked videos from a Romney fundraiser that nobody is talking about is this part: The video was taken at a $50,000 per plate fundraiser in Florida. You may not have noticed, but despite the blur there are a lot of plates in front of a lot of people.

    This is what people are still not grasping about Romney: He’s about to open up the money floodgates in a way that Obama can’t match.

    Romney was wildly successful during the primaries — not as a result of his charm and personality — but because he had a massive pile of money.

    He still has a massive pile of money in his campaign coffers, and by all margins he’s continuing to raise large amounts of money, as we’ve found through a look into the Center for Responsive Politics’ database.

    While Obama has raised similar amounts of money as Romney, he’s also spent a whole lot of it already. Obama has enjoyed weeks of good coverage, but he’s been paying a lot for it.

    The Obama campaign has spent $240 million this cycle and has only managed to maintain their lead. Even more, the Obama camp didn’t have to go through a primary. Romney has spent much, much less — $163 million — and most of that was in the primaries anyway.

    Romney is in a financial holding pattern, one that ends very soon.

    But the most important number in all of this is cash on hand. How much is each campaign — and more importantly, their most significant direct outside supporters — holding for October?

    Given the way that contribution limits work, the financial status of friendly outside spending groups is a much more crucial gauge of financial support.

    While each candidate can only accept $2,500 per donor per election, the Party Committees can accept $30,800. Even more, the Super PACs can raise and spend unlimited amounts, which is a much better picture of how the air war is about to proceed.

    Here’s the breakdown. The numbers are rounded to the nearest $100,000:

  14. moononpluto permalink
    September 18, 2012 4:51 pm

    Amazing, as soon as Romney starts getting intelligence briefings, Obama amazingly starts turning up for his.

    In at least four recent instances, specific actions by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney have moved President Barack Obama in a new, different direction. It’s a trend worth noting, showing that Romney’s position have (at least some times) helped shaped Obama’s.

    1.) On Monday September 10, one day prior to the start of the recent upheaval in the Middle East, President Obama did not receive the presidential daily briefing. Likewise, according to the president’s schedule released by the White House, Obama did not receive that briefing on Tuesday September 11, Wednesday September 12, or Thursday September 13.

    But then, on September 13, it was reported that Romney would begin to receive his own daily intelligence briefing. Since then (Friday September 14, Monday September 17, and Tuesday September 18), President Obama has received his presidential daily briefing.

    (It was also reported that Obama had been skipping quite a number of these briefings. “The Government Accountability Institute examined President Obama’s schedule from the day he took office until mid-June 2012, to see how often he attended his Presidential Daily Brief (PDB) — the meeting at which he is briefed on the most critical intelligence threats to the country. During his first 1,225 days in office, Obama attended his PDB just 536 times — or 43.8 percent of the time,” reported Marc Thiessen in the Washington Post.)

  15. moononpluto permalink
    September 18, 2012 4:52 pm

    2.) Likewise, after Mitt Romney called on China to devalue its currency last week, President Obama followed suit. “US President Barack Obama’s ambassador to China renewed calls Thursday for Beijing to let its currency appreciate further after Republican challenger Mitt Romney pressed for a harder line,” AFP reported. “Ambassador Gary Locke said that he would ‘not engage in political debates’ but said that the US position ‘is very clear and has been very consistent’ in urging China to reform its exchange rate system. ‘We know that the currency is still undervalued,’ Locke said at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace during a visit to Washington.”

    3.) After Romney knocked the U.S. embassy in Cairo for apologizing for offensive speech, Obama did the same. “Two senior Romney advisers told National Journal that the campaign doesn’t care that the statement it criticized was issued long before U.S. grounds were breached,” reported National Journal. “The larger point, the advisers said, was that neither the Obama State Department nor the White House withdrew it or repudiated it while the crisis was unfolding in Cairo or in the streets outside the consulate in Benghazi. The White House began distancing itself from the original Cairo embassy statement after Romney leveled his criticism shortly after 10 p.m. Eastern time on Tuesday.”

    4.) And when Romney visited parts of Louisiana that had been hit by Hurricane Isaac last month, President Obama did the same a few days later. “With all sides vowing politicking isn’t in order, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney got a close-up view Friday of the devastation caused this week by Hurricane Isaac — days ahead of a visit by his November foe, President Barack Obama,” said CNN.

  16. moononpluto permalink
    September 18, 2012 4:56 pm

    That was quick… Less than an hour ago Drudge posted video of Barack Obama telling an audience in 1998 that he believes in redistribution of wealth. Mitt Romney was just on Your World with Cavuto and hammered the president over this shocking admission. “He wants redistribution of wealth. I disagree.”


    Mitt Romney on Barack Obama:

    “Frankly we have two very different views about America. The president’s view is one of a larger government. There’s a tape that just came out today where the president is saying he likes redistribution. I disagree. I think a society based upon a government-centered nation where government plays a larger and larger role, redistributes money, that’s the wrong course for America. That will not build a strong America or help people out of poverty. I believe the right course for America is one where government steps in to help those who are in need. We’re a compassionate people. But then we let people build their own lives… We believe in free people and free enterprises.”


    Did Romney just play Obama’s campaign by feeding them that fundraiser video themselves….Romney seems to be gearing up for something.

  17. moononpluto permalink
    September 18, 2012 5:19 pm

    Changing their tune………..

    WH Spokesman now says Libya could have been “pre-planned”. translation: “We are winging it on national security”


    Caught out lying.


    NBC/WSJ poll: Obama’s approval on foreign policy drops

    Dropped 12 points among indies


    Looks like the news is filtering through.

  18. September 18, 2012 5:48 pm

    September 18, 2012 4:52 pm

    Now we can feel the POWER behind Romney. The Neo-Cons hand picked Romney as their horse in this race for the JOB as US President. ..They are flexing their muscle telling Romney to stay as you are- calm, cool and collected. And let us [the Neo-Cons] unleash the catastrophic damage to Obama’s campaign the likes of which he has NEVER seen before or had the occasion or the connections to deal with as they pile up SIN after SIN after SINS of ABUSE OF POWER, GUN-RUNNING, Selling US SECRETS to the Highest Bidder… Solyndra, et al, including using the US Attorney General as his ‘personal’ attorney, Et cetera-Et cetera-Et cetera..

    My only hope right now is the power behind Romney’s Campaign get to do this before Obama resets his time clock and UNleashes Plan B on Americans before we can stop him and have him removed.

  19. September 18, 2012 5:51 pm

    moon- you will have incoming in a few minutes…

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