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Month Before Benghazi Attack: “Smoking Gun Warning Here”

November 1, 2012

“I really believe, having read it, that it is the smoking gun warning here. You’ve got this emergency meeting in Benghazi, less than a month before the attack. At that briefing, the people are told that there are ten, ten, Islamic militias and al-Qaeda groups in Benghazi. The consulate can not sustain a coordinated attack and they need extra help. This information goes directly to the office of the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. So, again, you have the culpability of the State Department. This is a very specific warning that they’re in trouble, they need help and they see an attack on the horizon,” FOX News’ Catherine Herridge reported on FOX News’ “On the Record” Wednesday night.

Read Herridge’s report here.

“I believe based on this cable the point that was being made, that they wanted made publicly, not just in a classified study, is that the warning that came from Benghazi was very specific. It said ‘we can not withstand an attack,’ the militias are everything, al-Qaeda is here. This was known to the U.S. intelligence community as well. And that they really could not see a situation where security was going to turn around. They send that it was trending negatively,” Herridge further reported.

“I can’t think of anything that would be more specific than if these groups had emailed the State Department and said, ‘Here’s the time, here’s the place, and here’s the method of the attack,'” she said.

“There can be no doubt that this is really a cry for help from the people on the ground,” Herridge told Greta van Susteren.

“If you couple this with the fact that we were coming up with the 9/11 anniversary and if you couple this with the statements that a videotape was somehow responsible, what you see is that is completely undercut. This cable says that, ‘The militias and al-Qaeda are here, we essentially think that we are next.’ So to take this attack and to suggest for such a long period of time that it was a video when you have classified cable and the intelligence, it just doesn’t match up,” she said.

“What I see is a growing body of evidence that the State Department has culpability for the death of the Ambassador and those three Americans,” Herridge declared. “The warnings were specific, they were direct, they name the enemy and they said that this consulate needed more support. And it also indicated in the cable that the consulate should probably move long-term into the annex. We now know that is the CIA facility in Benghazi.       Real Clear Politics



Gingrich: Senator Told Me Networks Have Emails From White House Ordering Team to Stand Down on Benghazi Rescue

UPDATE: ​The Obama administration has denied that anyone at the White House nixed any requests for assistance in Benghazi.

​Original story below:

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Tuesday a U.S. senator told him that at least two news networks have emails from the White House ordering a counterterrorism team to stand down on a rescue mission at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

“There is a rumor — I want to be clear, it’s a rumor — that at least two networks have emails from the National Security Adviser’s office telling a counterterrorism group to stand down,” Gingrich told Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren. “They were a group in real-time trying to mobilize Marines and C-130s and the fighter aircraft, and they were told explicitly by the White House ‘stand down and do nothing. This is not a terrorist action.’”

He continued, “If that’s true, and I’ve been told this by a fairly reliable U.S. senator, if that’s true and that comes out in the next day or two, I think it raises enormous questions about the president’s role, Tom Donilon, the National Security Adviser’s role, the Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, who has taken it on his own shoulders, that he said don’t go. And I think that’s very dubious, given that the president said he had instructions they are supposed to do everything they could to secure American personnel.”

Gingrich said if accurate, it leaves two conclusions: that the the secretary of defense usurped the commander in chief or that Obama never gave the order.

“I think you are going to see this come back tomorrow and the next day,” he said.

Gingrich said he thinks Benghazi will be “enormous in terms of the election,” saying that he’s been to multiple places where voters want to know what happened.

“[Benghazi] was suspended for two days by the storm coverage, which dominated everything, but I think tomorrow as the storm begins to recede, you’ll see Benghazi come back,” he said

Watch below, via Fox News. Relevant portion begins at the 9:55 mark: (video w/Greta)




  1. November 5, 2012 4:54 pm

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